Qik wants in on iPhone streaming too

Chris Caceres · December 10, 2009 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/c59

As Apple approves Ustream's iPhone application, other developers also want in

Qik, a mobile live video streaming platform, announced in a blog post it has submitted its application to the iPhone App store.  

The company has had an iPhone app for some time now, but with Apple's refusal to allow live streaming on its phone, the app has been limited to recording video, and then uploading, taking away all the fun of being live.  

This comes after Ustream and Knocking's live video streaming applications were approved by Apple in the past week, signaling the Apple iPhone is ready to enter the world of live video.    

A little history on Qik:  since 2007, Qik has been focused on building the perfect mobile video platform.  Its sole focus has been on letting users stream live video from their cell phones so viewers across the Web could induldge in all sorts of live user generated content.  The well-known blogger Robert Scoble was shown a demo of Qik running on a Nokia E61i phone back in December of 2007 when Qik was still in development and was blown away saying, "Holy s**t. I can stream live video to you now from anywhere at anytime."  Scoble went on to use the application to live stream video interviews and events.

Today, the live streaming version of Qik runs on all sorts of phones ranging from Samsung, Palm, Orange, Nokia, Motorola, HTC, Blackberry and a ton of other, too many to name.  Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are known for having and using Qik accounts.  Qik has also been used at events like Intel's launch of WiMax in Baltimore to stream live video of the event throughout the city.

From Qik's blog post: We have now taken the next step and submitted the Qik application that enables you to share your experience live from your iPhone for approval to App Store.  So, now let’s see what happens. 

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