LyricFind launches Facebook and iPhone app

Meliza Solan Surdi · April 23, 2009 · Short URL:

Find music whenever and wherever and easily share with friends

Do you ever have those moments when a tune is stuck in your head, and you wish you had the lyrics?

LyricFind is a site with one million lyrics. And, now you can simply find LyricFind's lyrics straight from your iPhone or Facebook.

LyricFind announced Thursday that it's released lyric search applications for Facebook and the iPhone. Both of these apps gives access to LyricFind's database. The Toronto, Canada-based startup's database represents over 40,000 artists and 200,000 albums, which LyricFind claims is the largest legal collection available.

“We’re excited to be the first to bring lyrics, a key component of the music experience, to the largest platforms available," Darryl Ballantyne, co-founder and CEO of LyricFind, told me. “It’s important that consumers have a legal source for lyrics content that gets rights holders paid.” 

(Ballantyne is in the video embedded, giving his Vator pitch)

Users can also access artist images, biographies, discographies, and album art. Users are also able to see charts of the hottest lyrics and artists across LyricFind’s entire network of hundreds of sites. Users can get their lyrics by searching for the artist, song name, and even the lyrics.

The iPhone application is available in two different versions. LyricFind Lite is free and ad-supported. The premium version costs $3.99.

The Facebook application is just as useful and comes in handy when you are in the mood to find your favorite songs or test your musical knowledge. The app is similar to poking someone or sending a virtual gift. Users can also create musical quizzes to challenge others on Facebook.

Ballantyne said the most popular quizzes will be based on 90's music because of the Facebook demographic. When I tested the Facebook application, I was able to take musical quizzes created by other Facebook friends:


This application also lets Facebook fans dedicate lyrics or have others dedicate certain parts of a song to you:


I was also able to search for my favorite lyrics in the "My Top Lyrics" section of the app. I didn't really know the purpose of this part of the application. Ballantyne explained that the company will be adding another feature soon, which will make the utility of this feature more obvious in the future.

"This part of the app is for bookmarking right now. You can select your favorite songs and always have this to come back to," he said. "But in the near future, we will be creating a new version where your friends are able to see your top lyrics. Right now you are the only one who sees it." 




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LyricFind provides song lyrics content to digital music services, web sites, mobile services, and more. LyricFind has aggregated licensing from over 2,000 music publishers (including all major publishers), resulting in a catalogue of over 1,500,000 available tracks.


LyricFind provides both Lyrics Search and Lyric Display services to companies of all sizes and types, in both free and paid models.


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