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Bambi Francisco Roizen · January 2, 2009 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/615

Apparently, Power wasn't in compliance with other social networks

Recently, I interviewed Steve Vachani, CEO and founder of Power.com, a one-stop-shop social network where users can access their profiles from Facebook, hi5, Orkut and MySpace. I kept asking Vachani if Power.com was in compliance with the other social networks since his service allows for access and mashups of the services. Vachani insisted that he was in compliance.

Apparently, Facebook didn't think so. On December 30, 2008, Facebook filed a complaint in Federal court in California. The filing is embedded below.

In the complaint, Facebook alleges that Power.com infringes on Facebook's trademarks and copyrights, and its unauthorized solicitation, use and storage of Facebook's users' login information to gain unauthorized access to Facebook's network.

You'll note that Power.com has taken Facebook off its site.

Here's my interview with Vachani, and what he said about working with other social networks. 

But the one obvious question is whether Power.com is compliance with the terms of use of all the other social networks. After all, even Vachani would say that he's aiding the end user to "mash up" content and services from the different social networks. "Do you have a relationship with the social networks?" I asked. "We have a relationship with the user," he responded. "What does Facebook Connect do?" he went on. "Facebook Connect allows other sites to connect to Facebook. What we do is allow anyone connect to the user... Facebook isn't at the center. The user is at the center."

Vachani goes onto explain that he views Power.com as a browser or a desktop. From one place, you can access multiple sites and services without having to have a relationship with each site or service. Power is just a launching point. And, mixing contacts from one social network to another is similar to being on a social network and importing contact lists from an email account, he said. The mash-up of networks is all part of this movement toward data portability and a single sign-on. "We call this a borderless Internet," he said.

Facebook Complaint Against Power.com - Free Legal Forms
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