AI company Silverberry Health partners with the American Limb Preservation Society

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The companies will combine Silveryberry's AI and ALPS' network to help prevent diabetic amputations

One of the most common results of having diabetes is foot amputation: a quarter of the hospital admissions among diabetics are for the foot lesions and, of those presenting with diabetic foot, 40% require amputations.

The American Limb Preservation Society (ALPS), as its name suggests, is an organization dedicated to preventing limb loss and amputations, which it does through a combination of research, education, and collaboration. 

Now it's adding technology into the mix through a partnership with Silverberry Health, a company that leverages AI to achieve better health outcomes. The collaboration, which was announced on Monday, will integrate Silverberry's AI capabilities with ALPS' network, thereby enhancing care for diabetes patients and those at high risk for foot ulcers and amputations.

Silverberry leverages Generative AI to simulate and predict user behavior; design interventions to maximize engagement; summarize the doctor's visit for the patient; and to provide an app for the patient to do a self-assessment of their learning and ask questions from AI.

With its precision health platform, the company incorporate DNA testing and assessment for personalized health assessment and recommendations, while its flagship product, Pingoo.AI, is an AI Health companion that answers medical questions with text, images and videos

Through the partnership, ALPS' members will gain free access to Silverberry’s AI Knowledge Portal, a resource for staying up-to-date with the latest studies and research in the field of diabetes and limb preservation.

In addition, the collaboration includes incentives for the use of Silverberry's Ambient AI technology, which automatically generates Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan (SOAP Notes), which are structured documentation method used by healthcare providers to record patient information in their charts so they can assess, diagnose, and treat patients, while also communicating with other health professionals. 

The aim of the partnership is to improve patient care for those at risk of limb complications, integrating technology with specialized medical knowledge. ALPS members can go here and fill out the form for free access.

"We are thrilled to partner with ALPS to push the boundaries of healthcare with AI. By integrating our flagship product, Pingoo.AI app and Knowledge Portal with ALPS' resources, we aim to drastically reduce the incidence of amputations among the diabetic community by facilitating early detection and proactive care," Shayan Mashatian, founder of Silverberry, said in a statement.

"Silverberry's technology is specifically designed to maximize the benefits of AI for medical knowledge extraction, making this advanced information easily accessible to physicians to support them in their decision-making processes."

This follows the launch of initiative from the American Diabetes Association from called the Amputation Prevention Alliance, designed to address the challenge of preventable amputation.

Partners in the alliance include Abbott, developer of medical devices, including glucose monitors; Cardiovascular Systems, developer of solutions for treating peripheral and coronary artery disease; CLIschemia Global Society, a company whose mission is to improve quality of life by preventing amputations and death due to Critical Limb Ischemia; and Podimetrics, a care management company that is looking to eradicate diabetic foot ulcers. 

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