Maven Clinic expands partnership with AT&T

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The company also released a new report showing the importance of reproductive benefits

Maven Clinic, a virtual clinic for women's and family health, has been on the forefront of the exploding femtech space. Acting as a digital clinic, the company provides programs around various aspects of women's healthcare such as preconception, egg freezing, IVF, adoption, surrogacy, pregnancy, returning to work and pediatrics, as well as programs for partners of people going through pregnancy or IVF. 

The company currently works with more than 700 employers, and on Wednesday it announced that it would be deepening its relationship with one of them, as AT&T will now be offering Maven's family building and fertility support services to its over 125,000 employees.

The two companies have been partnering since AT&T began offering Maven's maternity program in 2021, before deciding to expand that relationship in January.

Going forward, AT&T employees will have 24/7 unlimited access to Maven's programs, including guidance around preconception, egg freezing, IVF, adoption, surrogacy, and beyond. Through Maven, AT&T employees will be able to meet with providers across more than 35 specialties and access a dedicated Care Advocate to help navigate their benefits and resources on and off Maven, including referrals to high-quality clinics or agencies.

"Just as every family looks different, every path to creating that family looks different too," Stacey Marx, Head of Global Benefits at AT&T, said in a statement. 

"In expanding our partnership with Maven, we're proud to offer employees personalized support—no matter where they are or what phase they're in on their family building journey." 

This news comes at the same time that Maven released its third annual State of Women's & Family Health Benefits report, in which it elicited responses from over 1,200 HR leaders and 3,000 full-time employees across the U.S. and the U.K. go give employers insights on what benefits are most important to their employees.

The report found that 31% of employees are either expecting a child, or might have one in the next two years, and the vast majority of employers, 75%, say reproductive benefits are important.

In fact, more than 50% have taken, or might take, a job because it offered family or reproductive health benefits, with 46% of Gen Z workers, and 35% of Millennials, saying that reproductive and family health benefits influence their decision to stay at their job or leave, with fertility support for men and women ranking as a top benefit priority. 

Employers, meanwhile, are listening, as over 40% are currently offering offering, or planning to add, fertility coverage in the next year. This comes even as 38% of employers are consolidating benefits vendors, and 32% are removing benefits with low or no adoption.

"In today's ever-changing landscape of HR demands, family benefits are a north star for wise employers seeking return-on-investment. More and more employees are demanding fertility support, and employers are listening," Kate Ryder, founder and CEO of Maven Clinic, said in a statement.

"Category leaders like AT&T recognize that investing in families yields talent retention, and with it, market success."

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