Radiology automation platform Rad AI partners with Google

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Rad AI will use Google's cloud and AI tools, while Google Cloud will be Rad AI's preferred provider

Rad AI is a company that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to make radiologists more efficient. Its product include Omni, which automates the impression section of a radiologist's report, in which they summarize and synthesize the conclusions of what they've seen; Continuity, a coordination product for health systems; and Rad AI Reporting, its AI-enabled reporting platform which can reduce words dictated by up to 90%.

The idea is to save radiologists' time, reduce burnout, and to improve the quality of patient care; now Rad AI will be able to grow its platform thanks to a partnership with Google which will give the company access to Google's cloud and artificial intelligence technology.

That include tools such as MedLM, a family of foundation models fine-tuned for healthcare industry use cases, including Gemini-based models in the future. In addition, Google Cloud will now become Rad AI's preferred cloud provider.

Founded in 2018 by Jeff Chang, the youngest radiologist in U.S. history, Rad AI is in use at eight of the 10 largest private radiology practices in the U.S. and the platform is used by 30% of U.S. radiology practices and health systems, collectively caring for more than 50 million patients every year. Rad AI Reporting can reduce words dictated by up to 90%.

Through the partnership with Google, Rad AI plans to enhance Omni Impressions and Reporting with additional domain-aligned gen AI models from Google, including MedLM. The goal is to improve Rad AI's ability to automatically generate more of the radiology report, customized to each radiologist's specific language and style.

In addition, Rad AI will look to increase the size and complexity of its Omni Impressions and Reporting gen AI models, giving them more clinical accuracy, personalization, and performance gains.

"This partnership will bolster Rad AI's dedication to advancing radiology reporting and Google's commitment to advancing healthcare through AI-driven technologies," Chang said in a statement.

"Together, Google and Rad AI will help to redefine radiology reporting, ushering in a new era of efficiency, accuracy, and patient-centric care."

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Rad AI applies neural networks to radiology in order to save lives and reduce the cost of healthcare.

Our first product integrates seamlessly with existing workflow to significantly increase radiologist efficiency, while reducing radiologist burnout and improving clinical accuracy.


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