Generative AI skincare company Haut.AI raises €2 Million

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The Estonian company's product includes SkinGPT, a generative AI tech for modelling skin conditions

There are two currently problem with skincare consumers: first, they often lack understanding of their skin conditions and buy skincare products randomly without addressing their skin problems. The second problem, meanwhile, is similar to the medical field: the low adherence to treatment, meaning patients are not using skincare consistently.

That's when led to Anastasia Georgievskaya to co-found Haut.AI, an Estonian-based European generative AI startup developing intelligence tools for companies developing goods and services for the skin.

"If you go to a doctor and get a prescription, the doctor will provide you with the exact schedule that you need to adhere to. It's not a matter of using the product twice a week when the doctor has instructed you to use it daily," she told VatorNews.

"The skincare industry shares many similarities with the medical field, especially now when skincare is viewed as more than just products. It is seen as a holistic approach that considers factors such as gut health, mental health, lifestyle, and preferences. We should consider skincare as a holistic science, and this makes skincare more resembling medical space."

Now the company will be able to scale its product to more customers as it announced a €2 million seed funding round led by LongeVC and the VC arm of Grupo Boticário shareholders on Wednesday.

Haut.AI's beauty and skincare intelligence tools include SkinGPT, a generative AI tech for modelling skin conditions. Using a dataset of over 150 biomarkers, over 3 million images, and over one billion data points, SkinGPT is able to create synthetic images and apply skin conditions to input image data, enabling users to upload their photos and apply AI to simulate how their skin will change over time when using certain skincare products. Its skin imaging technology allows it to identify skin features and conditions so that customers are matched with products tailored to their exact needs.

The company has also integrated a tracking mechanism that monitors up to 90 days of user history, providing insights into skin dynamics and changes over time. The idea is to engage consumers in learning more about their skincare journey, tracking progress, and identifying the products that have the best effect, establishing the habit of skincare and, ultimately, leading to greater outcomes.

"We've developed a versatile API and, most importantly, a no-code solution that seamlessly integrates our AI-driven insights into diverse sectors, including skincare, food supplements, lifestyle, and wellness. This adaptability underscores our commitment to promoting a holistic and scientifically-backed approach to health and well-being," explained Georgievskaya.

The company traces its roots back to early 2018, when the founders recognized the potential of AI in the skincare field. At the time, most software relied on classical computer vision and was running on local machines, and this approach had numerous limitations, including artifacts in analysis when you slightly changed the data type.

That led to two years of research and development in the biophysical lab, where the company delved deep into the complexities of skin analysis using techniques like fluorescent spectroscopy, confocal microscopy, and 3D volume measurement.

Haut.AI's R&D work was not just about technology, however: the company wanted to understand how skincare works as a concept, Georgievskaya said.

"As part of our R&D work, we assessed the changes in skin condition before and after conducting skincare product trials. We observed significant improvements in skin quality using basic, widely available products. This prompted us to question why marketing rather than actual results predominantly influence skincare decisions," she explained.

"We challenged the prevailing mindset and aimed to develop a more scientific and holistic approach to skincare. After all, just like medicine, skincare demands consistency, understanding, and a tailored approach." 

Haut.AI now has around 100 clients globally using its B2B software, allowing its customers to increase average basket size 1.85 times, double conversion to sales, and deliver 15% retention to e-commerce websites. 

The new fundraising will be used to support the company in expanding and scaling its software, meaning it will be growing its sales manpower and customer success team, while also partnering with global resellers and distributors. The funding will also be used to put more R&D focus on multimodal generative artificial intelligence for skin analysis.

"Generative AI is an invaluable asset in the development of accurate and unbiased algorithms that can serve all consumers. At our company, we use GenAI to augment our dataset and bridge any gaps in our data," Georgievskaya said.

"Our SkinGPT system is a great tool for consumers as it can generate the effects of skincare products and procedures in a realistic way. This allows consumers to build realistic expectations of the treatment process and stay on track with their routines."

In the future, Haut.AI also plans to explore conversational Generative AI, with hopes of announcing more about it soon.

"At Haut.AI, we believe in a holistic approach to skincare, encompassing not just topical treatments but also factors like UV and pollutants exposure, aging patterns, and preferences," she said.

"Our goal is to become the leading skin analysis solution globally. Our vision aligns with the evolving global perspective that emphasizes preventive care, wellness, and longevity science."

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