AI-based digestive health company Vivante Health partners with UnitedHealthcare

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Vivante's solution, GIThrive, is the first digestive health solution on the UHC Hub

Vivante Health is digital digestive health company helping the one in four Americans who suffer from a digestive disorder, with its virtual platform, called GIThrive, by providing AI-driven care plans personalized for each user. 

The company works with employers to provide care to their employees, and its customers includes Fortune 500 companies and other enterprise clients representing millions of covered lives. ANd now it has inked a deal which will get it into the hands of many more patients.

On Thursday, Vivante announced announced a national distribution contract with United Healthcare (UHC), the largest health insurance company in the U.S., serving more than 27.1 million Americans. This will give UHC customers, such as large self-funded employers that are seeking to improve their benefits programs, access to GIThrive, which is also the first digestive health solution on the UHC Hub, a curated network of vendors that helps organizations simplify the process of selecting, purchasing, and managing healthcare benefits.

GIThive users are given a range of online resources, 24/7 support from registered dietitians and health coaches as well as nurses, and access to a nationwide network of internists and gastroenterologists for lab test orders, prescriptions, diagnosis and treatment. The company’s care teams work one-on-one with individual users via chat, phone or video on a regular basis, providing guidance as well as accountability and continuity.

Within their personalized care plan members may receive medical nutritional therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy for IBS, consultations with their Vivante gastroenterologist, or Vivante internal medicine specialist. They might also be directed to noninvasive testing like an at home colorectal cancer screening fecal test. 

GIThrive also includes access to GI-related test ordering, prescriptions and telemedicine appointments with physicians in every state when needed, helping increase the speed to diagnosis and treatment in an area where delays can have serious medical and cost consequences.

Overall, employers that have adopted GIThrive have seen decreases of 15% or more in digestive-related healthcare spend due to increased medication adherence and behavior modification that reduce emergency room visits and inpatient admissions.

For the participants, 92% reported feeling more in control of their digestive health after using the program for three months and participants also reported an increase in overall wellbeing and a positive impact on their health. More than 90% of GIThrive users report that the platform's digital resources and 24/7 human support help them relieve digestive symptoms and improve their quality of life.  

"There are so many people who are suffering from debilitating conditions like GERD, irritable bowel syndrome, and inflammatory bowel disease as well as undiagnosed gastrointestinal ailments that can affect their ability to live normal lives," Bill Snyder, CEO of Vivante Health, said in a statement.

"Partnering with UHC gives us the opportunity to reach individuals who are looking for an effective solution that provides real-time care and personalized support that can give them their lives back."

This partnership comes after Vivante raised a $31 million Series B funding round in September. 

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