Cortisol management company Rebalance Health raises $7.37M

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The company offers a supplement line that features a suite of hormone free systems

Cushing's disease, a condition characterized by having high cortisol levels over an extended time, is rare, only affecting 10 to 15 people per million every year. When Justin Hai, co-founder of Alastin, found out his wife had it, he ran into unexpected barriers when it came to her care, leading to him to develop Rebalance Health, a solution focused supplement line that features a suite of hormone free systems. 

"The motivation for starting the brand began when I was researching ways to help my wife. I talked with cortisol experts, some are now part of the Rebalance Health's science team, and saw how there is a disconnect in supplements. They tend to only focus on symptoms, instead of the solution and I wanted to change that," Hai told VatorNews.

Now Rebalance Health is one step closer to launching, as it has raised $7.37 million in funding. The round, which was led by Hai, has the brand welcoming over 100 investors in an initiative that will be used to accelerate the launch of its products and increase consumer awareness. This Series C round brings its total funding to date to about $19 million.

The investors in the round were not named but Hai would say that, "Rebalance Health is funded by private investors that have been repeat investors in our deals. We believe in syndicating our deals and, based on our history of ventures, we have a strong following."

The Boulder, Colorado-based Rebalance has three systems: The Hot Flash System, which reduce or eliminating hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms; The Anxiety System, which is designed to lower side effects of generalized anxiety; and The Testosterone System, which aims to combat symptoms related to low testosterone production. 

Rebalance was created with these three lozenge systems because most supplements that get swallowed then get processed in your gut and liver which wipe out most of the key ingredients, Hai explained. Rebalance's Directline delivery technology, on the other hand, allows products and all their ingredients to be absorbed into your body, not destroyed by stomach acid. 

"Everyone’s hormones are related to cortisol and Rebalance highlights the fact that hormones need to be in the proper ratios. That’s what Rebalance is designed to do: to help balance cortisol levels throughout the day and optimize your sleep. We aren’t trying to replace hormones that are missing (since that is not a long-term solution), we are helping activate what wants to be working for you by regulating cortisol levels," he said.

"When we set out to solve high cortisol we discovered in the process a natural solution of hot flashes and low testosterone. We found a way to naturally reduce anxiety while providing other benefits to the mind and body by creating a lozenge system that synchronizes with your circadian rhythm."

The Testosterone System is priced at $80, while The Anxiety System and The Hot Flash System are priced at $75 each, though customers have the option to purchase each Rebalance System on a monthly basis, which reduces the price by 15%.

The typical customer for the Hot Flash System are females in their mid-40s and older, while the Anxiety System is typically used by both males and females 25 and up, though it isn't limited by age. Finally, the Testosterone System is typically used by males aged 30 and older. 

In studies, Rebalance found that around two weeks, women’s estrogen levels started to skyrocket as cortisol levels came down, while men’s testosterone started to increase as cortisol went down within a few weeks.

"What we didn’t anticipate was the hot flashes were eliminated from women in our study as the cortisol went down and as estrogen was rebalanced. This abstract from this study will be published later this year," said Hai.

Part of Rebalance's mission is to take away some of the fear that bad actors instill in consumers for financial gain with no science and effort to show efficacy specific to their product.

"Rebalance is about real science, and a proven product supporting at scale the human population from the pandemic of sleep apnea causing havoc on our endocrine system," said Hai.

"Our product line exists to support various symptoms from cortisol. As one example of the many symptoms we support, there are 47 million women that enter menopause annually, which lasts for a duration of 7-14 years. Success is helping as many people as possible live a happier, balanced and calm life with our natural proven solution."

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