PartnerMD and CVFP Medical Group partner with AI virtual assistant Suki

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The two healthcare organizations will deploy Suki Assistant across their entire organizations

With clinician burnout on the rise, voice artificial intelligence (AI) company Suki is enabling clinicians to focus on patient care by reducing documentation and alleviating burnout. The platform is able to complete administrative tasks, such as retrieving patient information from the electronic health record. In addition, the technology is able to become smarter by understanding the physician, adapting to things like their specialty, clinical setting and speaking style, in order to become more personalized.

"We believe we’re just scratching the surface of what we can do and are excited about how we can potentially evolve the product, from supporting nursing workflows to tackling the inbox.  Our mission is to make healthcare technology invisible and assistive so clinicians can focus on their patients and there are many exciting ways to do so," Suki's VP of Marketing, Jennivine Lee Simon, told VatorNews.

Now the company is expanding its reach through newly announced partnerships with PartnerMD and CVFP Medical Group (CVFP) to implement its AI voice assistant systemwide. 

PartnerMD, a concierge physician network founded in 2003, has already been using Suki, and has now decided to implement the technology across their entire practice. CVFP, meanwhile, a physician-owned, primary care organization founded in 1993, has note burnout as their main problem among clinicians, Simon explained, so Suki will help reduce time on notetaking and administrative duties, allowing them to dedicate more attention to patients.

"Due to their shared objective of lowering administrative burdens and streamlining workflows to enhance the provider experience, PartnerMD and CVFP Medical Group make perfect partners for Suki AI. Suki Assistant will aid all PartnerMD and CVFP clinicians in their respective missions to deliver personalized, comprehensive, high-quality primary care services to patients, encompassing preventive screenings, on-demand wellness coaching, and round-the-clock accessibility," she said.

"One of Suki’s values is 'every pixel is in service of the clinician.' This means Suki strives to have every experience a clinician has, whether it's using the product or getting tech support, be a positive one that ultimately makes life easier for the clinician. So there is great synergy between the goals that PartnerMD and CVFP have and Suki’s mission."

Suki Assistant will be used by PartnerMD and CVFP to streamline documentation and other administrative tasks in their respective practices with the overall goal of improving the clinician experience. Users will use Suki to document notes, do ICD-10 coding, and retrieve patient information, like allergies or medications, from the EHR. Giving users the ability to complete these tasks by voice and sending the completed notes back to the EHR in the relevant sections it meant to save users significant time.

"PartnerMD and CVFP share similar ideals as Suki, such as a focus on lowering administrative burden and streamlining procedures to improve the provider experience. They understand the value of using technology, like Suki Assistant, to automate time-consuming administrative tasks so that clinicians can have a better experience and thus can focus more time on patient care," said Simon.

"They place a high value on providing top-notch treatment, enhancing the general healthcare experience, and looking for innovative solutions to problems faced by healthcare professionals."

Suki has proven to reduce documentation time per note by as much as 72% in family medicine settings and integrates with Cerner, Athena, and Elation. The company also recently announced an integration with Epic, making it the only product on the market to directly integrate with all major EHRs. 

Additionally, in April the company introduced ambient documentation capabilities to Suki Assistant, enabling real-time note generation by listening to the patient-clinician conversation. That allows the clinician to accept, reject, or edit the suggested note content via dictation or commands. Once the note is complete, it syncs back to the EHR, updating the relevant fields and streamlining workflows.

In 2022, Suki increased its user base by 7x, and it now spans dozens of specialties, including OB/GYN, cardiology, and hematology. As a result of the time it saves them, Suki's users tend to increase the number of patients they see, thus generating more revenue: estimates for incremental yearly revenue generated per user from the additional encounters range from $58,000 to $84,000.

The main metric of success for the company is happy clinicians, Simon said.

"We want to help solve a major issue that healthcare providers everywhere are facing. We want to alleviate their burden so they can focus on what they are trained to do, which is to take care of patients."

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