Smart care facility platform partners with Google Cloud

Steven Loeb · April 14, 2023 · Short URL:'s care solutions will be available on Google Cloud Marketplace

Ambient monitoring patient platform was designed to take the burden off of care teams, which is only getting worse, with healthcare shortages leading to increased burnout. Through the use of AI-enabled sensors, as a way to get real-time insights into how patients are faring, its Smart Care Facility Platform transforms healthcare settings into responsive care facilities, ones that are able to continuously monitor patient activity, as well a the surrounding clinical and operational workflows. 

Now, the company is making it easier for healthcare organizations and care facilities to access and adopt its solution through a partnership with Google Cloud Marketplace, which was announced earlier this week.  

This partnership will allow its clients to scale across their enterprise efficiently and agilely and have the backing of the framework GCP offers, Chakri Toleti, founder and CEO of, told VatorNews.

"In 2019, we started exploring a partnership with Google when first started. The Smart Hospital Facility Platform concept, coupled with ambient monitoring, required a robust technical framework with an AI-first approach. We decided that our strategy and vision resonated and aligned really well with what Google was doing," he explained. 

"We have always had a partnership with Google from day one, but our products being available through Google Marketplace gives our existing clients and future clients the flexibility of integrated, purchase, deployment, and scaling options."

Using AI-enabled edge sensors,'s platform surfaces real-time inferences and insights to alert and report on activities that help healthcare organizations improve patient outcomes. Depending on their care setting and needs, healthcare organizations can use the platform to improve operations such as infection prevention and control, patient and protocol monitoring, workforce optimization, virtual nursing, and virtual care.

Part of’s platform is its Virtual Nursing solution, which enables virtual nurses to manage a wide range of patient care tasks, while also automatically detecting potential problems such as fall risks.

Implemented in over 1,500 healthcare facilities, including those run by Ardent Health Services, the company expects that this partnership will help accelerate the adoption of its technology.

"We know the world is moving towards smart care facilities. We are leading that charge because it is the only way to overcome the healthcare clinician shortages we are facing globally," Toleti said.

Ultimately, he sees this partnership as a validation of its platform technology and the urgent need, demand, and solution that both and Google are providing. 

"This is more than a business for us. This is a personal mission to help better connect clinicians, patients, and families when they need those moments of care most. We all have personal stories where our ambient sensor technology could have made a difference in our lives. The clinicians we serve never stop caring, and neither do we," he explained.

"We are partnering with Google Cloud to bring our AI-powered Smart Care Facility Platform and ambient sensors to the one industry they can provide the most compassionate human benefit for all, enabling more 1:1 care in our hospitals and long-term care facilities."

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