BioIntelliSense and CEOs talk new partnership and goals

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The remote patient monitoring companies announced a technology integration earlier this week

It's not news that healthcare workers are at the end of their rope: in 2021, as burnout reached critical numbers, over 300,000 left their jobs, leaving those who remain to pick up the slack. Even technology that is supposed to help ease that burden, like telehealth, winds up happening the opposite effect for nurses and staff.  

BioIntelliSense and are two companies that share a joint mission, which is to help ease that burden. BioIntellisence does that by offering a continuous health monitoring and clinical intelligence platform, while provides an ambient monitoring patient platform.

This week, the companies announced a partnership to integrate their technologies, inserting BioIntelliSense’s vital sign trending data and algorithmic-based alerting into’s workflows.

Founded in 2018, BioIntelliSense’s BioButton wearable devices passively capture up to 1,440 clinically validated vital signs per day, including heart rate at rest, respiratory rate at rest and skin temperature. It can also capture physiologic biometrics, including activity levels, sleep tracking, body position and gait analysis.

Its BioCloud data analytics and algorithmic-based alerting enable actionable clinical triage and proactive clinical intervention through potential earlier detection of adverse trends., meanwhile, offers the Smart Care Facility Platform, which transforms healthcare settings into responsive care facilities that continuously monitor patient activity and the surrounding clinical and operational workflows. 

Using AI-enabled edge sensors, the platform surfaces real-time inferences and insights to alert and report on activities that help healthcare organizations improve patient outcomes. Depending on their care setting and needs, healthcare organizations can use the platform to improve operations such as infection prevention and control, patient and protocol monitoring, workforce optimization, virtual nursing, and virtual care.

Chakri Toleti, CEO and founder of, anf James Mault, MD, founder and CEO of BioIntelliSense, spoke to VatorNews about this partnership, how each company helps the other, and what they are hoping to achieve.

VatorNews: What problem are the two companies partnering to solve?

Chakri Toleti: The work required of our caregivers is increasingly becoming humanly impossible. A disparate array of current technology solutions, including the electronic medical record, have made nurses lives harder, not easier. Together, and BioIntelliSense seek to transform the underlying models of acute and post-acute care delivery.

VN: What does each company offer the other that they otherwise would not have? 

CT: is the first and only company to bring ambient intelligence to healthcare through its Smart Care Facility Platform. Powered by advanced edge sensors and AI,’s platform captures, interprets and applies previously unknown clinical and operational data to help healthcare facilities streamline workflows and improve patient care.’s Virtual Nursing solution, which enables virtual nurses to manage a wide range of patient care tasks, further eliminates the traditional, physical boundaries that limit quality care.  

James Mault: BioIntelliSense’s simple and powerful FDA-cleared BioButton wearable device provides continuous physiological monitoring of vital signs, which have traditionally gone uncaptured or required much more complex and expensive monitoring in general wards of the hospital and at-home. This partnership combines the transformative capabilities of the BioButton and its advanced data analytics with the Smart Care Facility Platform to optimize clinical operations, improve patient satisfaction and directly address the key challenges facing today’s overburdened healthcare workforce.  

VN: Walk me through how the two technologies will work together and how it will it look for the end user.

CT: will integrate BioIntelliSense’s BioButton wearable devices and advanced analytics into the Command Center of its Smart Care Facility Platform. This provides healthcare facilities with a single, AI-powered solution that tracks patient vitals, automates repetitive tasks, continuously monitors patient rooms and simultaneously measures team performance to improve quality, safety and compliance.

VN: Why are BioIntelliSense and a good fit? What values do the two companies share?

CT: and BioIntelliSense share a common passion to empower healthcare organizations and caregivers to transform care delivery. We are mutually committed to challenging the status quo and ensuring that our technology is simple, scalable and omnipresent to usher in the next generation of the healthcare industry.

VN: What is success in regards to this partnership? What is the end goal?  

CT: Together, we will empower caregivers with comprehensive insights to ensure more complete and timely clinical decision-making – ultimately keeping patients safer, As a result, health systems will be able to transform their care models to deliver better care, to more people, at a lower cost.  

VN: Is there anything else I should know?

CT: Two of our shared clients, Houston Methodist and Ardent Health Services, helped encourage this collaboration and enthusiastically believe that this integration will simplify their technology environment and accelerate their vision of care transformation. Together, we will enable our customers to minimize or eliminate legacy point solutions while setting a new standard for the next generation of clinical operations and care delivery models. 

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