Glooko integrates with Hedia for personalized insulin dosing

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The Hedia Diabetes Assistant provides insulin dosing advice based on each individual's habits

Over 37 million Americans have diabetes, a disease that can have detremental effects on other parts of the body: 69% have high blood pressure, 44% have high cholesterol, 39% have chronic kidney disease, and 12% have vision impairment or blindness. That makes it very important that patients are able to manage their diabetes.

Glooko provides a remote patient monitoring and chronic care management solution for diabetes and obesity. It integrates 95 percent of all diabetes devices on the marketplace, supporting its partners’ hardware and integrating device data for use by healthcare providers, researchers, and patients.

Now, it will be able to help make that care even more personalized thanks to a partnership with insulin dosing recommendation app Hedia.

The Hedia Diabetes Assistant provides advice and bolus insulin dosing and personalized care. The solution, which is currently available in 11 countries, takes the individual's habits, recorded blood glucose readings, their amount of active insulin, carbs, activity, and blood ketones to calculate the correct insulin dosage so that users don't have to manually calculate it themselves.

Founded in 2010, the Glooko provides connected care solutions to health systems and clinics, allowing providers to remotely manage their diabetes and obesity patient population. On the patient side, Glooko's mobile app makes it simple for them to set goals, track their medications, log their food intake and collect data from multiple devices such as activity trackers, weight scales, blood pressure cuffs, insulin pumps/pens and glucometers. 

As per this new partnership, Hedia will integrate its technology into Glooko's diabetes management platform, as well connected insulin pens, which are currently only available in the European Union.

The initial European launch of the integration is expected in the fourth quarter of this year and first quarter of the coming year.

"We are very pleased to partner with Hedia to offer this algorithm-driven innovation for personalized healthcare for diabetes patients and their healthcare teams," Russ Johannesson, CEO of Glooko, said in a statement.

"The robust clinical data supporting Hedia's efficacy demonstrates this could be a viable alternative for patients who are not able to access insulin pumps. This partnership shows how interoperability gives people with diabetes the optimal tools available to ease the management of their condition and enhance health outcomes such as the stability of blood glucose levels."

In 2022, diabetes was the sixth most funded clinical indication, with $800 million, down from $1.8 billion in 2021. Some of the companies that raised funding since the beginning of last include Levels9am.healthBreathe Well-beingBeatOFitterflyBioCoach, and Ryse Health

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