Digital health news, funding round up in the prior week; March 27, 2023

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Syneos Health partnered with Microsoft; SonderMind bought Mindstrong; Gravie raised $179 million

Top Health News

  • The Biden administration announced the White House Challenge to End Hunger and Build Healthy Communities, which encourages organizations and communities to participate by making bold and impactful commitments. Partners include Instacart, which announced it would be partnering with Boston Children’s Hospital, along with at least four other major health care providers to create virtual food pharmacies and other food is medicine interventions using Instacart Health products within he next six months; DoorDash, which said it would give its users the ability to make healthy choices by growing the availability of produce in its marketplace through partnerships with local, regional and national grocers by 2025. It will also promote and highlighting healthy products on its platform through tags and filters, while working with USDA to offer access to SNAP EBT grocery delivery; and SHIPT, which launched a new accelerator program, LadderUp, to provide 10 local retailers with capital, e-commerce focused technical assistance, and education, with program participation aiming for at least 50% being in the food, beverage, and grocery categories, and 50% of businesses being owned by people of color and LGBTQI+ people.
  • Aledade, an independent primary care network, announced that Cigna Healthcare Medicare Advantage customers can now receive value-based care from Aledade’s network of independent primary care practices in Delaware, Maryland and the District of Columbia and benefit from a care experience designed to improve health outcomes and lower costs.
  • NVIDIA announced that it is collaborating with Medtronic, the world’s largest healthcare technology provider, to accelerate the development of AI in the healthcare system and bring new AI-based solutions into patient care. The companies will integrate NVIDIA healthcare and edge AI technologies into Medtronic’s GI Genius intelligent endoscopy module, developed and manufactured by Cosmo Pharmaceuticals. GI Genius is the first FDA-cleared, AI-assisted colonoscopy tool to help physicians detect polyps that can lead to colorectal cancer.
  • Ribbon Health, a provider of healthcare data technology and management, announced the launch of new platform features that will increase access to care through provider scheduling. Enabled by partnerships with leading booking marketplaces, these new platform capabilities empower patients to easily search for providers that both fit their needs and are accepting new patients, and book appointments with those providers for high-quality care across primary, specialty, urgent, or mental health. Ribbon's platform offers real-time availability data from health systems and direct partner integrations, giving care providers, navigators, and health plans a single source of truth to guide consumers to the right care.
  • Unite Us, a software company enabling cross-sector collaboration to improve people's health and well-being, partnered with Advance Health Network IPA and Recovery Health Solutions IPA, behavioral health independent physician association's operating in affiliation and comprised of 47 behavioral health and human service organizations serving the New York City and Long Island communities, to advance the integration and coordination of care for individuals with both behavioral health and social needs. Through this relationship, AHN/RHS behavioral network providers will better serve the people in these communities and improve their drivers of health by collaborating with providers across health and social services.
  • Proximie, a global health technology platform digitally connecting operating rooms, announced a pilot partnership with Smith+Nephew.The partnership – which is running in select centres in the UK, Ireland and NORDICS – enables more surgeons to be trained to carry out procedures, and contribute towards improved patient outcomes.
  • Axena Health, a medical device company dedicated to women’s health, announced that Cigna Healthcare has added the Leva Pelvic Health System as a covered treatment for stress, urgency and mixed urinary incontinence in women. The Leva Pelvic Health System is a prescription digital therapeutic that guides women through pelvic floor muscle training, offering an easy, convenient way for women to treat UI and chronic fecal incontinence by strengthening their pelvic floor muscles.
  • Syneos Health, a fully integrated biopharmaceutical solutions organization, announced a strategic multi-year agreement with Microsoft. Utilizing Microsoft Azure services, Syneos Health has developed an advanced analytics platform that enables agile deployment of machine learning supporting the analysis, design and execution of clinical trials and commercial programs worldwide. The multi-year agreement includes collaboration with Microsoft Research and leverages developments from OpenAI. Through this collaboration, Syneos Health will deliver technology and data solutions with Microsoft that accelerate clinical development and elevate commercial performance for biopharma customers.
  • Henry Schein One, a joint venture of Henry Schein Inc. and Internet Brands, has reinforced their commitment to helping dental practices harness the power of Artificial Intelligence by fully integrating AI solutions into Dentrix Ascend, the company’s cloud-based practice management software. These solutions include Dentrix Ascend Detect AI powered and manufactured by VideaHealth, and Dentrix Ascend Voice, powered by Bola AI.
  • MedArrive, a mobile-integrated care management solution, announced a partnership with Ouma Health, a total maternity telehealth services company, to bring comprehensive maternal-fetal care directly into the homes of vulnerable women on Medicaid. The collaboration aims to improve the health of pregnant women and their newborns, especially those at high risk, by adding a vital service to MedArrive's growing ecosystem of specialty care providers that managed Medicaid health plans can leverage for members in their homes.
  • DarioHealth, a global digital therapeutics company, announced today a strategic partnership with Amwell to deliver its cardiometabolic solution to Amwell customers. Dario's solution will be available through Amwell beginning in the second half of 2023.  Members living with cardiometabolic health concerns such as diabetes, high blood pressure and weight management challenges will have access to Dario's proven and highly personalized digital solution to help better manage their condition and improve outcomes between visits with clinicians practicing on the Amwell platform. Members can access Dario's solutions directly through Amwell's digital care delivery enablement platform to support ease of engagement.
  • Qritive, a developer of AI-powered cancer diagnostics, and Corista, a provider of clinical, research and educational digital pathology image management solutions, announced a new partnership in digital pathology. Through the partnership, Qritive's artificial intelligence modules and Corista's DP3 image management platform will be integrated to help pathologist's focus their time towards more complex case work. The combined solution enables computational modules to screen for prostate and colon cancers, quantify IHC markers, and detect lymph node metastasis.
  • Oak Street Health, a network of value-based primary care centers for adults on Medicare, and Interwell Health, a kidney care management company that partners with physicians on its mission to reimagine healthcare, announced the launch of OakWell, a joint venture that will offer the highest-quality primary care to end-stage kidney disease  patients directly in the dialysis center. This unique approach to primary care for ESKD patients aims to reduce hospitalizations, increase kidney transplantations, and improve outcomes to lower the total cost of care.
  • 3DHISTECH and Epredia announced the opening of the Pathology Innovation Incubator in Budapest to develop methods and equipment for faster and more precise diagnosis of cancer and tumor lesions. The opening was announced today at an event with the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The aim of the Pathology Innovation Incubator, founded by Epredia and 3DHISTECH, is to develop and improve solutions that revolutionize tumor diagnostics and enable more effective treatment of cancer. The collaboration between the two companies, who are commercial partners in digital slide scanning technology for pathology laboratories, is designed to enable the practical implementation of scientific and theoretical ideas. Both Epredia and 3DHISTECH will support the Pathology Innovation Incubator financially and through knowledge transfer and technology sharing. The development of the Pathology Innovation Incubator was completed in just one year.
  • Cleveland Clinic and IBM officially unveiled the first deployment of an onsite private sector IBM-managed quantum computer in the United States. The IBM Quantum System One installed at Cleveland Clinic will be the first quantum computer in the world to be uniquely dedicated to healthcare research with an aim to help Cleveland Clinic accelerate biomedical discoveries.
  • Dewpoint Therapeutics announced a research and development partnership with Novo Nordisk to identify drug candidates using Dewpoint's discovery platform related to biomolecular condensates to treat insulin resistance and diabetic complications. The partnership brings together Novo Nordisk's global leadership in treating diabetes and metabolic diseases with Dewpoint's groundbreaking discovery and AI technology platform to identify modulators of biomolecular condensates. The scope of the agreement includes discovering potential small molecule drugs against multiple new condensate targets that may be involved in mechanisms of insulin resistance and insulin sensitivity. Novo Nordisk can also choose to discover non-small molecule drugs against the identified condensates using internal Novo Nordisk capabilities and gains rights to further develop and commercialize such potential drugs.
  • ClassPass, a fitness and wellness membership, announced a partnership with Breethe, the global meditation and mental wellness app, and its ClassPass Corporate Wellness Program. This partnership gives employers offering ClassPass as their employee fitness and wellness benefit an additional way to support the well-being of their team members by providing one-year of access to Breethe's mindfulness, sleep and self-care tools.
  • Clear Medical Imaging, a provider of radiology services and the second largest independent healthcare provider in Ontario, announced a partnership with See-Mode Technologies to adopt See-Mode, an artificial intelligence software application that increases efficiencies within the ultrasound workflow by assessing ultrasound images, automatically detecting clinical pathologies, and building a complete report. This partnership will be implemented in phases, initially with the roll-out of See-Mode's vascular product followed by the breast and thyroid later this year.
  • Opus EHR, a customizable EHR solution for behavioral health treatment organizations, has announced a new partnership with Mindful Health, a mental health and wellness provider. Mindful Health partnered with Opus EHR to facilitate an aggressive growth strategy by optimizing and customizing workflows and improving operational efficiency. This will allow Mindful Health to scale as needed while maintaining quality assurance standards. Additionally, Opus provides Mindful Health the tools to manage patient care through continuous patient monitoring in addition to metrics to measure client success and move towards a value-based care model with payors.
  • Bend Health, a national, virtual pediatric behavioral care provider, announced that it expanded access to its services through agreements with two of the nation's largest health insurers, employers totaling 650,000 people, and integrated medical and behavioral health partnerships with Sauk Prairie Healthcare, Allegro Pediatrics, and other multi-specialty systems with 500 doctors and care providers nationwide. UnitedHealthcare, Magellan (California), and other insurers now offer Bend services as a covered benefit to 170 million people. These agreements, along with growing health system and employer partnerships and self-pay, extend Bend access to all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Later this year services will expand from supporting kids and teens ages 1-17 to include those up to age 26.
  • Zocdoc, a healthcare marketplace that makes it easy for people to find and book in-person or virtual care across 200+ specialties and 12k+ insurance plans, announced its integration with Raintree Systems, a provider of electronic health record and revenue cycle management software solutions for therapy provider organizations. Through or the free Zocdoc app, patients can now search for and schedule in-person or virtual appointments with Raintree's network of over 25,000 providers online. The integration enables patients to schedule appointments directly into the provider's schedule, in real-time. The combination of Zocdoc and Raintree's flexible scheduling helps patients manage their care more effectively while also saving them time. As a result, clinicians have less administrative work to do and patients have more control.
  • Sana, a health care company that provides Fortune 500-level health benefits to small businesses at affordable prices, announced a partnership with Little Otter, a digital mental health solution for children and their families. Both Little Otter and Sana are aligned in their goal to provide comprehensive, high-quality mental health care to their members and their families. By investing more in primary care and enabling access to more low-cost, best-of-breed providers for small business employees, this partnership reduces the physical and financial barriers to receiving mental health support for the whole family.
  • Syneos Health, a biopharmaceutical solutions organization, announced a strategic partnership with KX, maker of kdb, the world’s fastest time series database and analytics engine. The partnership will deliver data-driven predictive analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities to help customers address complex healthcare decisions via the industry's first Data Timehouse, a new class of data and AI management engine designed for temporal data generated by digital transformation. Benefits include real-time engagement and faster and more accurate decision-making related to drug trial site selection.
  • WorkWhile, which uses cognitive science, behavioral analysis, and peer feedback to help identify the most reliable hourly workers and support them with perks, expanded its partnership with AI-powered, virtual doctor's office Curai Health to include all eligible WorkWhile workers in all 50 states. The partnership leverages the power of AI for the benefit of the most underserved groups. Technology-first services have historically been built for the white collar workforce—leaving behind hourly and blue collar workers. WorkWhile's mission of helping workers earn a better living and live better lives is built on offering valuable benefits & perks alongside flexible jobs for hourly wage workers.
  • Asia Pacific Medical Technology Association, an organization for medical technology manufacturers, named EVERSANA, a provider of commercial services to the global life sciences industry, as its knowledge partner across Asia Pacific countries. Together, the two organizations will develop a framework to support innovative reimbursement models for digital health companies as they work with policymakers to ensure better access to new and transformative therapies, diagnostic aids and patient management solutions.
  • Somatus, a value-based kidney care company, and Duneland Nephrology announced a new value-based care partnership that brings high-touch, comprehensive kidney care and improved healthcare access to patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and end-stage kidney disease across the northwestern region of Indiana. Duneland Nephrology patients with CKD and ESKD can now access support and personalized resources to slow disease progression and improve overall health outcomes. Through this partnership, Somatus will act as an extension of Duneland Nephrology by aligning patients with multidisciplinary local care teams comprised of Registered Nurse Care Managers, Nurse Practitioners, Renal Dietitians, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Pharmacists, and Patient Health Advocates to deliver whole-person, in-home care and drive more healthy days for their shared patients.
  • Health-tech company MyClearStep, powered by Shapa, announced a new partnership with R1 research universities to conduct extensive clinical trials on eating disorders. Millions of people worldwide suffer from eating disorders, making this a crucial step forward in the fight against these conditions. The research will integrate MyClearStep's innovative patented numberless scale and blood pressure cuff into the clinical trials, while its Admin portal and AI technology will be used to identify early signs of eating disorders for successful treatment and prevention.
  • ReverseLogix, a provider of end-to-end returns management systems, announced that Actegy Health is live with the ReverseLogix returns management system (RMS) at its United States and United Kingdom locations. Actegy is the parent company of Revitive, a global provider of consumer health technologies that deliver life-changing health solutions. Actegy also has selected the ReverseLogix RMS as its worldwide returns management solution, serving the company's own warehouses and its 3PL partner facilities.
  • GV Research Platform, a provider of preclinical research services, announced a partnership with Nexel, a leading specialist in induced pluripotent stem cell technology. Through this partnership, GVRP will become Nexel's authorized distribution partner in India for iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes, hepatocytes, and neurocytes. This partnership is a significant milestone for the biomedical community in India, as it will bring cutting-edge technology to the forefront of research and development. iPSC-derived cells have the potential to revolutionize drug discovery, toxicity testing, disease modeling, and regenerative medicine. These cells are an essential tool for drug development, as they provide a more physiologically relevant model for testing the efficacy and safety of new compounds.
  • AHSA, a provider of healthcare staffing and managed services solutions, announced a new partnership with University of Michigan Health-West. The partnership will focus on supporting UMH-West's physician and advanced practice workforce needs. As part of the partnership, AHSA, using its proprietary VMS technology, Trio VMS, will provide UMH-West with a range of workforce solutions, including recruitment, staffing services, credentialing, and managed services. The partnership will help UMH-West streamline its staffing processes, improve workforce management, reduce contingent labor spend, and enhance patient care.
  • Mainstay Medical and PatientPartner have been helping patients with chronic back pain in the US since 2022 and are now expanding this offering to patients in Australia. Starting in Q1 of 2023, patients struggling with chronic back pain will be able to speak with a ReActiv8 past patient who has successfully undergone a ReActiv8 procedure all across Australia. The PatientPartner technology allows prospective patients to easily communicate with a mentor similar to themselves to better understand how the ReActiv8 implant can change their lives.
  • RWG Mobile announced a new partnership with Fujifilm to provide the connectivity behind a unique innovation in the provision of mobile healthcare within the community.
    Fujifilm has created a ‘concept car’ that serves as an Ultra-Portable Diagnostic Unit which enables emergency services to provide X-rays, blood analysis and ultrasound diagnosis within community locations remote from clinical services. As a vital element of Fujifilm’s Diagnostic Unit, RWG’s Connected Networks connectivity solution provides highly secure and private data connectivity which transmits diagnostics information to clinical specialists who can interpret and make decisions on the appropriate steps of care provision to be taken. This technology has the potential to enhance the delivery of urgent care, optimise the use of emergency services resources as well as save unnecessary trips to emergency departments for patients ensuring they receive the appropriate care as soon as possible.
  • XpertDox announced a partnership with EMPClaims to revolutionize medical coding with AI-powered technology. EMPClaims has implemented XpertDox's autonomous medical coding solution, XpertCoding, to make the medical coding process more efficient for their clients. Founded in 2008, EMPClaims is a leading end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management company. They offer a wide range of services such as Patient Intake, Medical Coding, Medical Billing, Workers Comp Billing, and Data Analytics for healthcare clients. They provide customized solutions based on the specific needs of their clients. EMPClaims utilizes the latest technology and a team of highly experienced professionals to help clients optimize revenue with various innovative approaches. EMPClaims is deploying AI-based coding from XpertDox to supplement its team of certified coders to provide consistently high coding accuracy and scale operations.
  • BioBuzz, the media outlet of Workforce Genetics, and the Frederick Innovative Technology Center announced a strategic partnership to fuel industry growth in the BioHealth Capital Region and growth for both parties. The partnership between the two parties will consist of shared programming to boost local business and entrepreneurial development, complemented with mutual cross-promotion to fuel further recognition and growth. Plans are in the works for co-hosted events, such as quarterly happy hours, panels, networking socials, workforce development and DEI events, and meetups for specific niches of the biotech industry, even a technology showcase.
  • Clario, a healthcare research technology company that delivers leading endpoint technology solutions for clinical trials, announced a partnership with Strados Labs to provide the FDA-cleared RESP Biosensor for clinical trials. This innovative, wearable device is lightweight, comfortable and non-invasive, with capabilities that have not previously existed on the market, such as allowing for objective assessment of crackles, rhonchi, and wheeze events, as well as offering a streamlined approach for at-home cough monitoring in trial participants.
  • Itawamba Community College launched a partnership with TimelyMD to connect full-time faculty and currently-enrolled students to the support and resources in both mental and physical health they need to succeed. TimelyCare provides on-demand 24/7 service that offers virtual health and well-being to currently-enrolled students and full-time faculty and staff for free.
  • The American Diabetes Association and Genentech, a member of the Roche Group, announced a new partnership as part of the ADA’s Health Equity Now work to tackle access to screening and treatment for eye diseases that affect the diabetes community. The programming will kick off with a pilot in Birmingham, Alabama in collaboration with community partners to conduct focus groups with African Americans to understand the barriers to eye health in under-resourced communities and provide resources, including education and screenings, to address these barriers. Learnings from this pilot will inform future collaborative work between the ADA and Genentech to improve health equity in eye care for people living with diabetes.
  • USA Triathlon announced it partnered with RENPHO, a company designing smart products for healthy living, as the organization’s official body scale partner through 2024. RENPHO develops products like its smart weight scales that are carefully researched to enhance people's health, fitness, and wellness journey. As a part of the partnership, RENPHO will provide its smart weight scales at all USA Triathlon National Championship events to be used for weigh-ins for the Clydesdale and Athena competitions.
  • Monash University, Australia partnered with Israel’s Sheba Medical Centre, to research and develop new medical technology, digital health innovations and models of care and facilitate their commercialisation, manufacture and adoption in health service environments to benefit patients and communities both locally and overseas. Under a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in Tel Aviv, Israel the partners will focus on collaborative research and development programs in healthcare, including digital health; remote care; cardiovascular health; precision medicine; new therapies; devices and diagnostics; and healthy ageing.
  • Intermountain Healthcare announced the launch of biotechnology company Culmination Bio, which is developing an anonymized and de-identified intelligence platform that aims to enhance patient care through the application of precision medicine insights. With the goals of driving clinical discovery, enhancing precision medicine, and improving care processes, Culmination includes physicians, scientists, operators, and commercialization and industry experts. Through these professionals, the organization will collaborate with commercial partners, such as technology and biopharmaceutical companies.
  • Senzo and Abingdon Health announced the signing of a strategic partnership agreement. Under the terms of the partnership, Abingdon Health will support Senzo by providing contract development and manufacturing services to Senzo and its partners to enable them to develop and manufacture new rapid tests utilizing Senzo's cutting-edge ALF platform.
  • Helius Medical Technologies, a neurotech company focused on delivering a novel therapeutic neuromodulation approach for balance and gait deficits, and HealthTech Connex, a health technology company specializing in neurotechnology innovations, announced that they have entered into an exclusive distribution agreement. This agreement, which replaces Helius and HTC’s prior clinical research and co-promotion agreement, grants HTC the exclusive right to purchase, market, sell, and distribute Helius’s PoNS device throughout the metropolitan Vancouver and Fraser Valley regions of British Columbia, Canada, subject to established minimums. The initial term is for five years, with the possibility to extend to ten years.
  • Nanox, a medical imaging technology company, announced that that its deep-learning medical imaging analytics subsidiary, Nanox.AI, has entered into strategic partnership, with Ferrum Health, a player in the AI platform market. This partnership will broaden the reach of Nanox AI’s technology for medical imaging including Nanox.AI’s Bone and Cardiac solutions, while complementing existing AI marketplace offerings with these population health solutions that provide a holistic radiology workflow solution that can enhance healthcare professionals by promoting better productivity and, subsequently, outcomes.
  • WellSky, a health and community care technology company, announced a new partnership with VITAS Healthcare, a provider of end-of-life care. VITAS will leverage WellSky technology to streamline its operations, allowing clinicians to focus on high-quality patient care delivery. The two organizations also will collaborate to advance innovations within the WellSky Hospice & Palliative solution and to accelerate VITAS’ efforts to scale into new markets. The partnership between WellSky and VITAS will allow both organizations to serve a pivotal role in the advancement of hospice and palliative technology to deliver smarter, more connected and more data-driven care to communities in need.


  • Maven Clinic, a virtual clinic for women's and family health, acquired Naytal, a company that provides on-demand access to women's and family health experts
  • SonderMind a provider of accessible, personalized mental health care, acquired  Mindstrong, a company dedicated to transforming mental health care through innovations in digital measurement, data science, and virtual care models
  • UST HealthProof, a provider of core administrative solutions and Business-Process-as-a-Service for health plans, acquired Advantasure, a technology solutions company for Medicare plans
  • HoneyComm, an e-commerce platform for the health & wellness industry, acquired print-on-demand technology from Dropified
  • Ally Biotech, a science-based company and provider of bioactive cannabinoid delivery solutions, acquired the Chill Pill brand, a line of soft gel caps and all of its assets, from Desert Medical Campus
  • Sona Nanotech, a nanotechnology life sciences firm, closed its acquisition of Siva Therapeutics, developer of a photothermal cancer therapy
  • PurposeCare, a provider of coordinated home care and home health services in the Midwest, acquired Home Sweet Home In-Home Care, an independent home health care agency
  • Emmes, a full-service clinical research organization, acquired Essex Management, a bioinformatics and health information technology consulting services to government, private sector and academic organizations 
  • Montecito Medical, a privately held buyer of medical office properties, acquired a 14,600-square-foot surgery center building in Granbury, TX

Funding Roundup 

  • Cognito Therapeutic, developer of a medical device that delivers both visual and auditory stimulation to treat neurodegenerative diseases, raised $73 million
  • EpiBiologics, a biotechnology company building an antibody-based protein degradation platform for membrane and extracellular drug targets, launched with $50 million
  • Nano Intelligent Biomedical Engineering Corporation, a peptide pill that induces healing of the intestinal wall, raised an undisclosed amount of funding
  • INOTREM, which is developing a novel biologic to block inflammation, raised an undisclosed amount of funding
  • Giiant Pharma, which is developing a safer PED4 inhibitor drug with fewer side-effects, raised an undisclosed amount of funding
  • EnLiSense, a biosensor bracelet measuring biomarkers of inflammation in sweat, raised an undisclosed amount of funding
  • PredictImmune, an mRNA-based blood test to prognosticate disease course and enable precision medicine in IBD, raised an undisclosed amount of funding
  • Medibiofarma, a pill that blocks buildup of intestinal scar tissue, raised an undisclosed amount of funding 
  • StartUp Health,a  global health innovation ecosystem dedicated to achieving health moonshots, raised an undisclosed amount of funding 
  • ROOK, an API that integrates and embeds health metrics from wearables into existing apps and software and generates data-driven recommendations, raised $1.7 million
  • Sense Neuro Diagnostics, a developer of noninvasive devices to monitor traumatic brain injuries and detect brain hemorrhage or different stroke types, raised $250,000
  • Gravie, an employer health benefits company, raised $179 million
  • ThoughtFull, which offers corporations, insurers, and healthcare professionals around Asia end-to-end mental healthcare through its digital platforms, raised $4 million
  • Mindset Health, a digital hypnotherapy company, raised $12 million
  • Artera, a developer of multimodal artificial intelligence-based predictive and prognostic cancer tests, launched with $90 million
  • Reveal HealthTech, a provider of specialized engineering, clinical model, and strategy support to healthcare organizations, raised $4 million
  • Medigo, a Vietnam-based telehealth platform that provides on-demand medicine prescription and delivery services, raised $2 million
  • Blue Agilis Corporation, an all-in-one technology platform that leverages AI-technology and provider practice insights to improve value and decrease cost, raised an undisclosed amount of funding 
  • Sukino Healthcare Solutions, a continuum of care provider for long-term health care management in India, raised Rs 50 crore
  • Previse, a medicine solution company, raised $3 million
  • TIBU Health, an omnichannel technology company delivering health services, raised an undisclosed amount of funding
  • Weo, a deep-tech company generating impact by revolutionizing the way the world drinks water, raised an undisclosed amount of funding
  • Sparta Science, a provider of Movement Health Intelligence, raised an undisclosed amount of funding
  • Bionic Health, an AI health clinic provider, raised $3 million
  • GrayMatters Health, a developer of digital self-neuromodulation therapies for mental disorders, raised an undisclosed amount of funding
  • Vital, an artificial intelligence driven digital health company improving the patient experience, raised $24.7 million
  • Pragma Bio, the technology-enabled platform for drug discovery, raised $10 million
  • GT Medical Technologies, a medical device company dedicated to improving the lives of patients with brain tumors, raised $45 million
  • Companion Spine, a spine pain-management surgery company, raised $5 million

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