AUDIO: Future of Behavioral and Mental Health - Picking the right solution

Mitos Suson · November 11, 2022 · Short URL:

Panel 5 - Daniel Galles, Evelio Silvera, Michael Botta, Julie Paris, Melissa Reilly

The pandemic exacerbated an already tenuous mental health problem in the country. Established providers, payers and employers touch millions of Americans. What are they doing for their employees? How have they changed their approach to mental health services? What are some innovative initiatives or partnerships that have worked?

Moderator: Kymberlie McNicholas, Host, Way to My Heart; 860 AM. Panelists: Daniel Galles, Partner, Providence Ventures; Evelio Silvera, VP Communications & Government Affairs, Medi-Share; Michael Botta, Co-founder and President, Sesame; Julie Paris, Wellness Program Manager, Akamai; Melissa Reilly, Chief Growth Officer, Behavioral Health, Evernorth 

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