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Some that raised funding since the beginning of 2021 include Talview, Deel, and Jobandtalent 

COVID fundamentally altered the way we live, turning much of what we knew upside down; some of those changes were immediately apparent, and others that might take longer to fully take stock of.

One of the former was employment, and how people looked at their jobs: in 2021, nearly 50 million workers quit their jobs, or around nearly 4 million per month during what’s been called “The Great Resignation," partly due to low pay and few opportunities for advancement. The trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down either, as a McKinsey report published in July 2022 found that 40% of employees are currently considering leaving their jobs. 

As a result, employers have to change how they market themselves; they are being faced with the challenge of not only finding the right employees but attracting employees who want increased benefits, alignment on mission, and part-time work. This also means many employers will need some automated tools to help them sift through new hires but manage them as well.  

Here are some of the notable companies in the HR/hiring space that have raised money since the beginning of 2021:Jobandtalent 

Description: "Jobandtalent commits to find you consistent work with renowned companies for you to enjoy professional stability"

Founded: 2009

Amount raised: $108 million; $120 million$500 million ($728 million total)

Date raised: January 8, 2021; March 9, 2021; December 1, 2021

Investors: InfraVia, Atomico, Seek, DN Capital, Kibo Ventures, SoftBank, Kinnevik

Total funding: $1.3 billionDeel 

Description: "At Deel, we envision a worldwide workforce that isn’t limited by boundaries, but we needed to change some things to make this a reality. So we went back to the drawing board (our laptops) to tackle these problems and create a tool to enable remote teams to grow"

Founded: 2019

Amount raised$156 million $425 million; $50 million ($631 million total)

Date raised: April 21, 2021; October 18, 2021; May 11, 2022 

Investors: Coatue,, Altimeter Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, the YC Continuity Fund, Spark Capital, Greenbay Ventures, Neo, Dara Khosrowshahi, Lachy Groom, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Jeff Wilke, Anthony Schiller, Emerson Collective

Total funding: $679 millionPersonio 

Description: "Personio is the modern all-in-one HR solution made for SMEs. Spend less time on processes and more time on people."

Founded: 2015

Amount raised: $125 million$270 million$200 million ($595 million total)

Date raised: January 18, 2021; October 12, 2021; June 22, 2022

Investors: Index Ventures, Accel, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Northzone, Global Founders Capital, Picus, Greenoaks Capital Partners, Altimeter Capital, Alkeon

Total funding$724.3 millionRemote 

Description: "We’re on a mission to open up the world of work for every person, business, and country"

Founded: 2019

Amount raised: $150 million; $300 million ($450 million total)

Date raised: July 12, 2021; April 4, 2022

Investors: Accel, Sequoia, Index Ventures, Two Sigma, General Catalyst, Day One Ventures, Gaingels, SoftBank Vision Fund 2

Total funding: $496 millionEmployment Hero

Description: "The smarter way to manage HR, people, payroll and productivity. For small and medium businesses on the up"

Founded: 2014

Amount raisedA$45 millionA$140 millionA$181 million (A$366 million total)

Date raised: March 1, 2021; July 20, 2021; February 16, 2022

Investors: SEEK, OneVentures, AirTreeVentures, Salesforce Ventures, 

Total funding: $295.6 millionPapaya Global

Description: "Your workforce is all over the world. Get them all in one place. Our platform syncs all of their info, whether they’re payroll employees, EOR workers, or contractors"

Founded: 2016

Amount raised: $100 million$250 million ($350 million total)

Date raised: March 4, 2021; September 13, 2021

Investors: GreenOaks Capital Partners, IVP Ventures, Alkeon, Insight Venture Partners, Scale Ventures, Bessemer Ventures, Dynamic Loop, New Era, Workday Ventures, Access Ventures, Group 11

Total funding: $444.5 million

Description: "PayFit is a payroll software for companies with up to 500 employees. Automate your payroll while eliminating spreadsheets and errors."

Founded: 2015

Amount raised€90 million€254 million (€344 million total)

Date raised: January 5, 2022

Investors: Large Venture, BPI France, Xavier Niel, General Atlantic, Eurazeo, Bpifrance, Accel

Total funding: $495.8 millionHiBob 

Description: "The HR platform that powers productivity, engagement, and retention"

Founded: 2015

Amount raised$150 million$150 million ($300 million)

Date raised: October 13, 2021; August, 17 2022

Investors: General Atlantic, Bessemer Venture Partners, Battery Ventures, Eight Roads, Entrée Capital,

Total funding: $424 millionHandshake

Description: "We’re driven by the mission to give all students the chance to build the career they want, no matter where they’re from or what school they attend"

Founded: 2013

Amount raised: $80 million$200 million ($280 million total)

Date raised: May 12, 2021; January 19, 2022

Investors: Lightspeed Venture Partners, Spark Capital, Coatue Management, Valiant Peregrine Fund, Base10's Advancement Initiative

Total funding: $434 millionLattice

Description: "Lattice is the complete people success platform that helps you put people first. When people succeed, your business succeeds"

Founded: 2015

Amount raised: $60 million$175 million ($235 million total)

Date raised: March 13, 2021; January 18, 2022

Investors: Tiger Global, Thrive Capital, Shasta Ventures, Founders Fund, Frontline Ventures, Fuel Capital, Khosla Ventures, Elad Gil, Dragoneer

Total funding: $328.5 millionGusto 

Description: "Behind every successful business is a thriving team. Hire, pay, insure, and support your employees with Gusto's all-in-one people platform" 

Founded: 2011

Amount raised: $175 million; $55 million ($230 million total)

Date raised: August 10, 2021; May 12, 2022

Investors: T. Rowe Price Associates, Sands Capital, Fidelity Management and Research Company, Durable Capital Partners, Generation Investment Management, Emerson Collective, Glynn Capital, Friends & Family Capital, Cross Creek, 137 Ventures, General Catalyst, Emergence Capital, Dragoneer Investment Group, Franklin Templeton, Acrew Diversify Capital Fund 

Total funding: $746.1 millionOyster

Description: " Meet your trusted partner for expanding teams across borders. Hire, pay, and care for talent around the world with Oyster."

Founded: 2020

Amount raised: $20 million; $50 million; $150 million ($220 million total)

Date raised: February 2, 2021; June 22, 2021; April 20, 2022

Investors: Emergence Capital, the Slack Fund, Connect Ventures, Stripes, Avid Ventures, Georgian, Salesforce Ventures, the Base10 Partners Advancement Initiative, Okta, LinkedIn, Endeavor Catalyst, PayPal Ventures, People Tech Partners, HR Tech Investments

Total funding: $224.2 million

Description: "Eightfold AI provides a complete AI platform for talent management to help companies find, recruit, and retain workers"

Founded: 2016

Amount raised: $220 million

Date raised: June 10, 2021

Investors: Softbank

Total funding: $396.8 millionFactorial  

Description: "Factorial converts never-ending, manual processes into integrated, effective ones. So that in addition to managing people, you can dedicate yourself to bringing out the best in them"

Founded: 2016

Amount raised: $80 million; $120 million ($200 million)

Date raised: September 6, 2021; October 12, 2022

Investors: Tiger Global Management, CRV, Creandum, Point Nine Capital, K Fund, Atomico, GIC 

Total funding: $220 millionParadox 

Description: "Olivia, Paradox’s conversational AI assistant, automates administrative work like screening, scheduling, onboarding, and more to drive efficiency that liberates talent teams to spend their time on strategic and value-added work."

Founded: 2016

Amount raised: $200 million

Date raised: Dec 27, 2021

Investors: Stripes, Sapphire, Thoma Bravo, Workday Ventures, Willoughby Capital, Twilio Ventures, Blue Cloud Ventures, Geodesic, Principia Growth, DLA Piper Venture Fund, Brighton Park Capital

Total funding: $253.3 million Atlas 

Description: "Expand, Onboard, Manage & Pay global teams on a single platform"

Founded: 2015

Amount raised: $200 million

Date raised: September 15, 2022

Investors: Sixth Street Growth

Total funding: $220 millionFountain 

Description: "The majority of the global workforce is composed of hourly workers but applicant tracking systems are designed for salaried employees. Hiring knowledge workers is fundamentally different from hiring hourly workers which is why Fountain’s purpose-built solution is designed to keep hourly workers top of mind and connected throughout the applicant process"

Founded: 2014

Amount raised: $85 million; $100 million ($185 million total)

Date raised: November 4, 2021; June 15, 2022

Investors: B Capital Group, Mirae Asset Venture Investment, DCM, Origin Ventures, Commerce Ventures, SemperVirens Venture Capital, Uncork Capital, SoftBank Vision Fund 2

Total funding: $218.9 millionApna

Description: "Apna is a professional networking and jobs platform that helps blue and gray-collar workers find communities and land jobs"

Founded: 2019

Amount raised: $12.5 million$70 million; $100 million ($182.5 million total)

Date raised: March 1, 2021; June, 16 2021; September 15, 2021 

Investors: Sequoia Capital India, Greenoaks Capital, Lightspeed India, Rocketship VC, Tiger Global, Owl Ventures, Insight Partners, Sequoia Capital India, Maverick Ventures, GSV Ventures 

Total funding: $193.5 millionSeekOut 

Description: "The SeekOut platform gives the complete picture of all talent, both internal and external – the people you have and the people you want. With dynamic and comprehensive data, powerful people search, and easy-to-use analytics, SeekOut empowers companies and people to grow and win together"

Founded: 2016

Amount raised: $65 million$115 million ($180 million total)

Date raised: March 9, 2021; January 12, 2022

Investors: Tiger Global Management, Madrona Venture Group, Mayfield, Founders Circle Capital

Total funding: $188.6 million Gloat 

Description: "We’re on a mission to rethink the modern workforce, to bring startup agility to the world’s biggest enterprises, and to put employees in the best position to achieve anything"

Founded: 2015

Amount raised: $57 million$90 million ($147 million total)

Date raised: June 16, 2021; June 28, 2022

Investors: Accel, Eight Roads Ventures, Intel Capital, Magma Venture Partners, PICO Partners, Generation Investment Management

Total funding: $192.6 millionOmnipresent

Description: "Omnipresent makes it easy and fast for companies to employ, pay and support your international team. We do this by employing people - wherever they may be - on your behalf and act as the Employer of Record"

Founded: 2019

Amount raised: $15.8 million$120 million ($135.8 million total)

Date raised: January 21, 2021; March 22, 2022

Investors: Episode 1, Playfair Capital, Truesight Ventures, Kinnevik, Tencent, Uncorrelated Ventures

Total funding: $137.8 millionVisier 

Description: "Visier reveals the human truth behind your business, empowering you to see the best your people and business can achieve together"

Founded: 2010

Amount raised: $125 million

Date raised: June 29, 2021

Investors: Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Sorenson Capital, Foundation Capital, Summit Partners, Adams Street Partners

Total funding: $216.5 million 

Description: "Centralize your corporate benefit and expense management in one place. Offer your employees a single multi-benefit card that is also a prepaid corporate card."

Founded: 2019

Amount raised$22 million; $100 million ($122 million)

Date raised: July 9, 2021; March 9, 2022

Investors: Tiger Global Management, Monashees, Global Founders Capital, Citius, Kauffman Fellows, Battery Ventures, Whale Rock

Total funding: $130

Description: " is a platform that centralizes jobs available on companies'​ career websites, staffing agencies, or job boards"

Founded: 2020

Amount raised$120 million

Date raised: March 15, 2022

Investors: Inovia Capital, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, Investissement Québec, Climb Ventures, BDC Capital, Fondaction, HarbourVest Partners

Total funding: $150 million

Description: "Karat’s purpose is to unlock opportunity, for both hiring companies and candidates. Karat helps connect the best people to right organizations so together they can grow, thrive, and change the world"

Founded: 2014

Amount raised: $110 million; undisclosed amount

Date raised: October 13, 2021

Investors: Norwest Venture Partners, 8VC, Exor, Base Partners, Sempervirens Fund, Tiger Global, Serena Williams

Total funding: $169.1 millionSmartRecruiters 

Description: "SmartRecruiters provides the only enterprise hiring platform that actually makes hiring easy. Delight candidates, engage hiring managers, and boost recruiter productivity"

Founded: 2010

Amount raised: $110 million

Date raised: July 20, 2021

Investors: Silver Lake Waterman, Insight Partners, Mayfield Fund

Total funding: $225 millionMoka 

Description: "Moka is a SaaS-based HR platform that allows companies to optimize recruitment services"

Founded: 2015

Amount raised: $100 million

Date raised: November 3, 2021

Investors: Tiger Global Management, Blue Lake Capital, GL Ventures, GSR Ventures, GGV Capital

Total funding: $144.3 millionPhenom

Description: "An AI-powered platform to hire faster, develop better, and retain longer"

Founded: 2010

Amount raised: $100 million

Date raised: April 7, 2021

Investors: Capital Group, Dragoneer Investment Group, OMERS Growth Equity, GoldenArc Capital

Total funding: $161.4 millionGem 

Description: "Gem does what your ATS and spreadsheets can’t. Get real-time data, unify workflows, and engage talent at scale to hire efficiently in any environment"

Founded: 2017

Amount raised: $100 million

Date raised: September 28, 2021

Investors: ICONIQ Growth, Greylock, Accel, Sapphire Ventures, Meritech Capital

Total funding: $148 millionGupy

Description: "We empower HR with digital recruitment, admissions and corporate education solutions to boost your results"

Founded: 2015

Amount raised: $93 million

Date raised: January 31, 2022

Investors: SoftBank, Riverwood.

Total funding: $104.6 millionDarwinbox

Description: "A new-age, enterprise-ready, HCM platform that enables enterprises to automate day-to-day HR processes, simplifies human interactions, and delivers actionable insights to build better workplaces"

Founded: 2015

Amount raised: $15 million$72 million; $4 million ($91 million total)

Date raised: January 18, 2021; January 25, 2022; November 1, 2022

Investors: Salesforce Ventures, Lightspeed India, Sequoia Capital India, Technology Crossover Ventures, Endiya Partners, 3One4Capital, JGDEV, SCB 10X, Microsoft

Total funding: $111 millionTuring

Description: "We make the remote hiring journey easy and rewarding for both companies and developers. With Turing, companies can hire pre-vetted, Silicon Valley-caliber remote software talent across 100+ skills in 3-5 days. We also democratize opportunities for remote developers from around the world by offering them high-quality software jobs with top US firms"

Founded: 2018

Amount raised: $87 million

Date raised: December 20, 2021

Investors: WestBridge Capital, Foundation Capital, StepStone Group, AltaIR Capital, HR Tech Investments, Brainstorm Ventures, Frontier Ventures, Modern Venture Partners, Plug and Play Scale Fund

Total funding: $153 millionTestGorilla 

Description: "Our screening tests identify the best candidates and make your hiring decisions faster, easier, and bias-free"

Founded: 2019

Amount raised: $10 million$70 million ($80 million)

Date raised: July 1 2021; June 14, 2022

Investors: Notion Capital, Partech, Next Play Ventures, Paul Forster, Peakon cofounder Phil Chambers, Isaac Oates, Atomico, Balderton Capital.

Total funding: $81.2 millionMultiplier

Description: "A comprehensive platform to take care of your global teams’ payroll, taxes, social contributions & local insurance policies"

Founded: 2020

Amount raised$13.2 million$60 million ($73.2 million total)

Date raised: November 1, 2021; March 15, 2022

Investors: Sequoia Capital India, Deepinder Goyal, Amrish Rau, Tiger Global

Total funding: $77.2 millionGlints

Description: "Glints seeks to enable the 120 million professionals in the region to grow their careers and empower organizations to hire the right talent from anywhere in Southeast Asia"

Founded: 2013

Amount raised: $22.5 million$50 million ($72.5 million total)

Date raised: April 5, 2021

Investors: Monk’s Hill Ventures, Fresco Capital, Mindworks Ventures, Wavemaker Partners, Binny Bansal, Xiaoyin Zhang, DCM Ventures, Lavender Hill Capital, PERSOL Holdings

Total funding: $82.2 million

Description: "Homebase helps small businesses manage their work schedules, time clocks, payroll, HR, and more—so they can focus on their people"

Founded: 2014

Amount raised: $71 million

Date raised: July 29, 2021

Investors: GGV Capital, Bain Capital Ventures, Baseline Ventures, Bedrock Capital, Cowboy Ventures, Khosla Ventures, PLUS Capital, Kat Cole, Jocelyn Mangan, Mike Dinsdale, Rachel Carlson, Matthew McConaughey, and Jrue and Lauren Holiday

Total funding: $99 millionWorkMotion 

Description: "We’ve streamlined international hiring, onboarding and human resource management across 160+ countries. No local presence needed. No surprises"

Founded: 2020

Amount raised€20.48 million$50 million ($70.48 million total)

Date raised: August 11, 2021; June 22, 2022

Investors: Activant Capital, XAnge, Canaan, Activant Capital, Picus Capital, Heliad Equity Partners, GR Capital

Total funding: $76.6 millionRippleMatch 

Description: "By replacing job boards with matching and automation, RippleMatch eliminates the most time-intensive parts of the recruitment process for both employers and job seekers. Leading employers such as Amazon, eBay, and Teach For America leverage RippleMatch to build diverse, high-performing teams and Gen Z job seekers across the country trust RippleMatch to launch and grow their careers."

Founded: 2016

Amount raised: $23.5 million$45 million ($68.5 million total)

Date raised: April 20, 2021; June 8, 2022 

Investors: Renegade Partners, Gaingels G20, Work-Bench, Alleycorp, Bullpen Capital, Accomplice, Goldman Sachs

Total funding: $79.2 million Sense 

Description: "Accelerate hiring, strengthen your brand, and exceed recruiting targets - all while delivering a personalized candidate experience"

Founded: 2016

Amount raised: $16 million$50 million ($66 million total)

Date raised: June 16, 2021; December 14, 2021

Investors: Avataar Venture Partners, Accel, GV, SoftBank Vision Fund 2

Total funding: $89.5 millionHumu 

Description: "At Humu, we live by our mission. That starts with creating an internal culture that is intentional and inclusive—and by being open to making improvements along the way"

Founded: 2017

Amount raised: $60 million

Date raised: January 25, 2022

Investors: TCV, Index Ventures, IVP, and SVB Capital, Global Founders Capital, Blue Ivy Ventures

Total funding: $100.6 millionHackerRank 

Description: "We are the market-leading technical interview platform to identify and hire developers wherever they are."

Founded: 2009

Amount raised$60 million

Date raised: March 29, 2022

Investors: Susquehanna Growth Equity, JMI, Khosla Ventures, Randstad Innovation Fund, Recruit Holdings

Total funding: $102.9 millionKnoetic 

Description: "Make smarter decisions at your company, with the power of people analytics and a network of 2,000+ leading Chief People Officers"

Founded: 2020

Amount raised: $18 million$36 million ($54 million total)

Date raised: Aug 25, 2021; Sep 21, 2022

Investors: Accel, EQT Ventures, Menlo Ventures

Total funding: $54 millionJobGet 

Description: "We believe that getting a job shouldn’t involve hours of filling online applications and then waiting for weeks to hear back. That’s why JobGet created a marketplace where employers and job seekers can instantly message each other, schedule meetings, or even video interview all within minutes"

Founded: 2019

Amount raised: $52 million

Date raised: June 23, 2022

Investors: JAZZ Venture Partners, Sanabil Investments, Pillar VC

Total funding: $54.4 million 15Five

Description: "We're on a mission to create highly-engaged, high-performing organizations by helping people become their best selves"

Founded: 2011

Amount raised: $52 million

Date raised: July 21, 2022

Investors: Quad Partners, Next47, Origin Ventures, Edison Partners, Matrix Partners, Point Nine Capital, New Ground Ventures

Total funding: $94.1 millionCertn


Founded: 2016

Amount raised$50 million

Date raised: May 10, 2022

Investors: B Capital, BMO, Tribe, Inovia Capital, Telstra Ventures, Scribble, Moxxie Ventures, Gaingels, Covalent Ventures

Total funding: $83.9 millionZenJob 

Description: "Zenjob is a staffing marketplace that matches workers with temporary side jobs"

Founded: 2015

Amount raised: $50 million

Date raised: February 22, 2022

Investors: Aragon, Acton Capital, Atlantic Labs, Forestay, Axa Venture Partners.

Total funding: $107.1 million Buk 

Description: "With our human resources software, centralize all your tasks on a single platform: Remuneration, People Management, Talent Management and more"

Founded: 2016

Amount raised: $50 million

Date raised: October 5, 2021

Investors: Greenoaks, SoftBank

Total funding: $50 millionJoonko 

Description: "Joonko connects high quality, underrepresented talent, with world-class companies that care about diversity, equity, and inclusion"

Founded: 2016

Amount raised: $10 million$25 million ($35 million total)

Date raised: August 10, 2021; September 13, 2022

Investors: Vertex Ventures Israel, Insight Partners, Target Global, Kapor Capital, Bernard Coleman, Nicole Cuellar-Lopez, Samuel Tam, Rachel Williams, Mikeaela Ann-Smith, Mercedes Chatfield-Taylor

Total funding: $38.5 millionFetcher 

Description: "Fetcher automates candidate sourcing and outreach, giving you more bandwidth to focus on the human side of recruiting. That’s right. Ditch the databases for custom, curated batches of diverse, top talent"

Founded: 2015

Amount raised: $6.5 million$27 million ($33.5 million total)

Date raised: March 18, 2021; May 19, 2022

Investors: G20 Ventures, Accomplice, Slow, Tola Capital, KFund

Total funding: $40.3 millionApploi

Description: "From recruitment marketing and candidate engagement to credentialing and employee management, we offer an end-to-end solution that simplifies digital hiring. Our user-friendly platform combines seamless integration with intuitive tools designed specifically for healthcare to drive successful recruitment."

Founded: 2014

Amount raised: $8 million$25 million ($33 million total)

Date raised: March 11, 2021; March 30, 2022

Investors: Underscore VC,, m]x[v Capital

Total funding: $45.5 millionflex 

Description: "Flex is a human relations platform that addresses a wide range of difficulties in enterprises involving people and organizations"

Founded: Unknown

Amount raised: $32 million

Date raised: January 17, 2022

Investors: Greenoaks, DST Global Partners.

Total funding: $42 million

Description: "Our platform combines
human intelligence and AI to connect you to your candidates and help you reach your recruiting goals"

Founded: 2010

Amount raised: €30 million

Date raised: October 18, 2021

Investors: Digital + Partners, Citizen Capital, Sofiouest 

Total funding: €35.5 millionFlip 

Description: "Internal communication has never been easier. Reach all employees - from the office to the field"

Founded: 2018

Amount raised: $30 million

Date raised: 2018

Investors: HV Capital, Cavalry Ventures, LEA Partners, Matthias Müller 

Total funding: $34 millionBambee 

Description: "With the help of your dedicated HR Manager, Bambee puts your HR on autopilot to streamline your HR, and automate your onboarding, policies, and even employee training"

Founded: 2016

Amount raised: $30 million

Date raised: March 16, 2022

Investors: QED Investors, SoftBank, Alpha Edison, Mucker Capital, Ken Chenault

Total funding: $63 millionHireArt 

Description: "The all-in-one platform to hire and manage your entire contract workforce"

Founded: 2012

Amount raised: $26.25 million

Date raised: August 2, 2022

Investors: Three Fish Capital

Total funding: $33.5 millionHireEZ 

Description: "Find, connect, and build a stronger talent pipeline with the only end-to-end Outbound Recruiting Platform. Easily consolidate, integrate and supercharge your enterprise tech stack for smarter, more efficient hiring"

Founded: 2015

Amount raised$26 million

Date raised: February 02, 2022

Investors: Conductive Ventures

Total funding: $45.5 millionAshby 

Description: "Hiring has changed and so should your tools. Companies that excel at hiring have a strategic advantage. Our approach to building Ashby centers around ambitious teams that question the status quo."

Founded: 2018

Amount raised: $21.5 million

Date raised: September 13, 2022

Investors:  F-Prime Capital. Elad Gil, Lachy Groom, Semper Virens, Base Case Capital, Gaingels

Total funding: $34.5 millionReejig 

Description: "Meet the award-winning workforce intelligence platform using the world’s first independently audited Ethical Talent AI to unlock complete visibility of the skills and potential in your workforce. Whether you want to find, mobilize, reskill, or upskill talent, Reejig is your central nervous system for all talent decisions"

Founded: 2019

Amount raised$6 million$15 million ($21 million total)

Date raised: October 11, 2021; February 14, 2022

Investors: Skip Capital, Airtree Ventures; Didier Elzinga, Greta Bradman, Right Click Capital, 

Total funding: $16.6 millionDover

Description: "Fill your top of funnel and provide a best-in-class candidate experience using Dover. Hire faster and cheaper while getting valuable time back"

Founded: 2019

Amount raised: $20 million

Date raised: July 19, 2021

Investors: Tiger Global, Founders Fund, Abstract Ventures, YC

Total funding: $22.8 millionFringe 

Description: "Fringe is a lifestyle benefits marketplace that makes benefits personalized to the individual and self-selected by each employee"

Founded: 2018

Amount raised: $2.2 million$17 million ($19.2 million total)

Date raised: February 24, 2021; November 1, 2022

Investors: Sovereign’s Capital, Felton Group, Manchester Story, the Center for Innovative Technology, Jaffray Woodriff, Origin Ventures

Total funding: $21 millionBen 

Description: "Meet Ben, the all-in-one employee benefits platform for any company — flexible, fully-automated and budget-friendly"

Founded: 2019

Amount raised: $2.5 million$16 million ($18.5 million total)

Date raised: January 31, 2021; August 3, 2022

Investors: Cherry Ventures, Seedcamp, Paul Forster, Taavet Hinrikus, Carlos Gonzalez-Cadenas, Philip Reynolds, Matt Robinson, Atomico

Total funding: $18.5 millionTalview

Description: "We are dedicated to providing organizations with digital tools to make more efficient, informed decisions throughout the lifecycle of their talent, from recruiting to credentialing. Our AI-powered Measurement Platform reduces bias with intelligent insights, enabling data-driven decisions, and providing an equal opportunity for all."

Founded: 2017

Amount raised: $15 million

Date raised: July 29, 2021

Investors: Eileses Capital, Storm Ventures, Inventus Capital, Emergent Ventures

Total funding: $21.8 million  Clovers 

Description: "Clovers records and analyzes your video interviews to deliver insights your recruiters and hiring teams need to collaborate on hiring, reduce unconscious bias, and craft better interviews"

Founded: 2020

Amount raised: $15 million

Date raised: September 21, 2021

Investors: Greycroft, Alpha Edison, Crosslink Capital, Acadian Ventures, Fika Ventures, Act One Ventures

Total funding: $15 millionAwign 

Description: "Gig work is the way forward. Want to join the bandwagon, earn and grow? You’re at the right place"

Founded: 2016

Amount raised: $15 million

Date raised: August 25, 2022

Investors: Bertelsmann India Investments, Amicus Capital Partners, Mynavi Corporation, Unitus Ventures, the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation

Total funding: $20.5 million

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