Greater Good Health raises $10M to provide nurse practitioners with tools and resources

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The platform gives them access to tools around community, education, technology, and well-being

Everyone in the healthtech space, ultimately, has the same goals: to make healthcare better, cheaper, and more equitable, and to improve the system for both patients and providers. The only difference is how they believe we can best get it there. 

For Sylvia Hastanan, who has spent the last decade in leadership roles with companies like Optum, Davita Medical Group and HealthCare Partners, the answer became clear: empower nurse practitioners. 

"Having spent most of my career aiming to solve rising healthcare costs and rampant inequity, my research led me to understanding the pivotal role of the nurse practitioner – and how they are uniquely poised to help aid the struggling healthcare industry," she told VatorNews.

"What I also found, however, is that this particular healthcare sector had a lack of advocacy and support."

This is what led to her founding Greater Good Health, a network built to help NPs take control of their careers, and, ultimately, expand access to quality care nationwide. 

This week, the company announced a $10 million round of funding led by LRVHealth, with participation from Martin Ventures, Health Velocity Capital, returning investor Optum Ventures and additional angel investors and "renowned healthcare experts." This new funding is in addition to a previously undisclosed $3 million seed round, bringing Greater Good Health's total raised to $13 million. 

Greater Good provides its NPs with technology tools, clinical resources, and professional development around community, education, technology, and well-being. That includes Gigi, its all-in-one community and networking tool that its nurse practitioners can use to organize their schedule, tap into point-of-care resources, and connect with other NPs, and so much more.

The platform also includes a learning and development content suite, and a health and mindfulness tracker. In addition, Greater Good also gives its nurse practioners access to training in value-based care, which is a care delivery model rooted in the belief that medicine and healthcare should be based on the quality of the care that’s provided, not the quantity.

The company currently has around 30 NPs on its platform, and it currently takes Greater Good just under 31 days to hire and the company carries a 95% retention rate in comparison to 70% across the profession. 

"The ultimate goal is to improve patient outcomes," Hastanan explained.

"At Greater Good Health, NPs in our network have access to a wealth of resources including learning modules about lifestyle management, caring for patients with specific conditions, as well as the healthcare industry at large. This expanded and ongoing training ensures our network are best prepared to serve their patient population in the best way possible."

Part of the funding will go toward expanding that number by about 100 in the next 18 months. The funds will also be used to expand into additional states, including Washington, Nevada, and Arizona, and to expand services with value-based provider groups, hospitals and health plans.

All of this is in service of the company's larger goal: to improve healthcare for both providers and patients.

"We understand that nurse practitioners need optimal work-life alignment to provide the best care for the greater good. GGH’s goal is to support the modern-day healthcare professional to live fully in both their professional and personal lives. We cultivate an environment that is focused on providing value-based care, but also investing in our nurse practitioners to find work-life alignment," Hastanan said.

"We focus on health, wellness and career growth as well as the health of the patients we serve. By cultivating a team of nurse practitioners that empower each other and are optimized for success, we can make a bigger impact on improving our healthcare system."

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