Buffer will now let creators and businesses schedule TikTok videos in advance

Josiah Motley · February 8, 2022 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/53d5

This latest addition joins scheduled posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more

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It's safe to say TikTok has taken the world by storm. What started as a platform people on Twitter made fun of has become one of the go-to apps for people to share videos and engage in conversation on nearly any topic.

Brands and content creators soon caught wind of the platform's popularity and did what was expected of them - joined in. While many users on the platform are younger, the app is undeniably a great place for marketing. One viral video can change your business overnight.

Marketers and social media managers traditionally have to post videos manually, but depending on the timeframe, that can be difficult to keep up with. It also means people that use scheduling platforms have to juggle even more software and apps.

Now, Buffer, a platform for scheduling posts and reaching more people through social media, has released an update pointed towards TikTok. The update allows businesses to craft their videos through the software of their choice and upload that to Buffer.

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From there, marketers and social media managers can craft the post completely. Then, comes scheduling. Once that is done, the Buffer app will send the account owner a reminder regarding the post. That alert will point them back to the Buffer app, where the video can then be uploaded to TikTok.

Product Marketing Manager, Mike Eckstein, notes that, "This 'reminder' workflow is already very familiar for social media marketers. [...] About 19,000 Instagram Story reminders are created and scheduled through Buffer every month."

Much like Instagram Stories, API issues hinder Buffer from auto-posting, but this seems to be the next best solution.

In the post announcing the feature, Buffer states that the feature is rolling out on the mobile app (Android and iOS) first, but will continue to test the feature. It could then make its way to the desktop version of Buffer, as well.

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