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Aparna Sharma · August 12, 2021 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/52db

YoDeals: Online daily deals marketplace

Ever since Groupon created the online marketplace for daily deals in 2008, many similar sites and clones have been introduced. The idea of online daily deals websites might have become a bit older now, but its potential is still the same. The biggest query in the mind of the entrepreneurs interested in building a daily deal website is to choose the best possible solution.

FATbit team has closely tracked several daily deals websites and analyzed features that are user engaging. After in-depth study, and months of planning, designing & coding, FATbit team came up with Yo!Deals, an advanced daily deals website script which includes every feature critical for a daily deal website.

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This post will outline most prominent features of Yo!Deals to prove why it is the most advanced daily deals platform:

Yo!Deals is Responsive

It baffles us why people in the name of mobile app do not make their website responsive. Most of the popular daily deals websites are not responsive. On the other hand, FATbit made Yo!Deals responsive so that it works flawlessly across all mobile and desktop devices. 


Because every local market is unique, daily deals portals have strong local potential. We have built Yo!Deals to be customizable at every level so that clients can easily deploy features critical for their local market.

Multilingual for Wider Coverage

We have made Yo!Deals a multilingual platform and made it available in English and Spanish. Being customizable, additional language modules can be added to Yo!Deals on clients’ request.

Advanced Merchant Dashboard

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Given the abundance of options that such a website provides for merchants, it is quite a task to catch up with all of them. Undeniably, most daily deals websites fall short here. In contrast, Yo!Deals scores good here as well with more merchant dashboard options than offered by any website.

Want to explore merchant features offered by Yo!Deals? - Try Demo

Secure Admin Control Panel

Admins panel of Yo!Deals is packed with useful options that allow admins to handle product listing, payments, deals request, etc. in rather an easy manner. Additionally, the platform is also made secure with appropriate hierarchy of admin controls.

Yo!Deals is ready to be deployed and ready to be customized. So, if you want to launch the next big thing in the online daily deals marketplace, then Yo!Deals is the right turnkey solution to start with.


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