Rancho Mirage, California is getting an entirely 3D-printed housing community

Josiah Motley · March 11, 2021 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/51f8

The project is being handled by Palari and Mighty Buildings

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3D printing continues to find its way into more industries, but one of the more interesting applications is in that of housing. What once seemed impossible is now a reality and to show the feasibility, one city in California is getting an entire 3D-printed housing community.

The location is Rancho Mirage in California and in total there will be 15 3D-printed homes. The homes are 1,450 square feet, with two bathrooms and three bedrooms on a 10,000-square-foot lot.

Amenities include a swimming pool and a deck. The Los Angeles Times also notes that "[o]ptional upgrades include a pergola, cabana, hot tub, fire pit and outdoor shower."

The development group behind the project is Palari with parts of the construction being handled by Mighty Buildings. Mighty Buildings is coming off a $40 million Series B funding round that it completed in February

Mighty Buildings uses a combination of on-site 3D printing and prefab pieces to make homes much quicker than traditional methods. The LA Times notes that construction should only take "a matter of months," with Palari CEO Basil Starr noting that a project of this scale would normally take around three years but it is planning for the project to be completed in a year and a half.

This is because Mighty Buildings can construct the interior and exterior walls while Palari works on foundations and more simultaneously.

Presales went up for the home in February and sold out within days, with buyers having to put down a $1,000 deposit to reserve a spot. Palari notes that it also accepted cryptocurrency for deposits, with two people paying in Bitcoin.

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