How Regener-Eyes® Is Helping to Prevent Blindness

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An Advocate for Vision

Prevent Blindness is an active nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping people preserve their eye health at every stage of life. The organization was founded in 1908 when it was discovered that 30 percent of blindness in babies and young children was entirely preventable. Volunteers organized to form the precursor to the nonprofit.

In 1917, the organization successfully helped to pass legislation that helped to eliminate a serious condition causing blindness in children. This condition is called ophthalmia neonatorum, and it is preventable by applying an erythromycin ointment to a baby’s eyes upon birth. This fantastic medical advance helped to cement Prevent Blindness’s place as one of the most important organizations dedicated to preserving eye health for patients of all ages.

Currently, Regener-Eyes®| is focused on donating a portion of every sale to Prevent Blindness. Prevent Blindness is grateful for their assistance and publicly thanked C. Randall Harrell M.D. Chairman CEO & CMO of the company for his generosity.


The Organization’s Initiatives

In addition to preventing blindness in babies and young children, Prevent Blindness has a number of other important initiatives on its agenda.

The organization is interested in helping to detect glaucoma in the population. Glaucoma is a serious eye disease that happens when there is too much pressure in the eye. It can cause blindness. Screening for glaucoma is easy at a regular optometrist or ophthalmologist appointment, and treatment involves a simple eye drop.

Age-related eye problems are one of the major problems facing the organization. Macular degeneration, cataracts, and presbyopia are only a few examples of common conditions caused by aging. When these conditions are properly diagnosed and treated, patients have the hope of retaining their vision well into old age.

Children’s eye health remains a major focus of Prevent Blindness. The organization recommends that children receive proper eye exams if they do not pass vision screenings at school or at their pediatrician’s office. Children’s eyesight must be taken seriously because it can affect social, emotional, and educational development.

Two of the conditions affecting children and causing low vision are amblyopia and strabismus. These conditions involve misalignment of the eyes and can lead to highly uneven vision and vision loss. If a child’s eyes appear crossed, even in the earliest months of life, the child should be taken to a pediatric ophthalmologist to have their eyes assessed and treated. Glasses are available for the youngest patients, and eye drops and patching also help to treat the conditions.

Prevent Blindness will continue to be an important force in helping to compensate for vision problems in the population. When vision problems are properly diagnosed and treated, people will not have to suffer from low vision and blindness.

About Regener-Eyes®

Regener-Eyes® is an innovative biologic eye drop that helps lubricate the eye which may help with dry eyes. Patients’ eyes can become dry for a variety of reasons, including advanced age and other serious medical conditions like Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. Dry eye causes extreme discomfort, and the product was invented to help patients feel better and see more clearly.

C. Randall Harrell M.D. invented the eye drop during the course of his research into Meibomian Gland Degeneration. This condition affects the lipid layer of the tear film, causing dry eye due to evaporation loss. Dr. Harrell believed that the degeneration of the gland could be reversed and set about researching how to do so.

Preserving Patients’ Vision

Regener-Eyes® is dedicated to helping patients see better and feel more comfortable. Their support of Prevent Blindness underscores their need to help patients with eye disorders of all kinds. C. Randall Harrell M.D. Chairman CEO & CMO Inventor of Regener-Eyes® is a leader in his field, and his invention is helping people of all ages.

Prevent Blindness continues to develop new initiatives to support patient health as well as working on legislative initiatives. One of the legislative initiatives that Prevent Blindness has worked on includes Eyes on Capitol Hill, an event that gives vision advocates the chance to educate members of Congress about the necessity of accessing quality eye care and putting early intervention programs into place.

Preventing Eye Problems

Prevent Blindness has been a force in the eye health community for over a hundred years. Regener-Eyes® is proud to work with the organization and to add their support to the promotion of eye health.

Prevent Blindness wants to remind all citizens that they should have regular eye exams and that young children’s eye development needs to be closely monitored. Since eye problems can be caused by serious medical issues like diabetes and high blood pressure, it is even more important to make sure that eyes are treated well.

C. Randall Harrell M.D. Chairman CEO & CMO Inventor of Regener-Eyes® appreciates the contributions of Prevent Blindness and plans to work with the organization in the future to help it meet its goals.

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