MasterCard Google Wallet combo is a hit

Nathan Pensky · August 7, 2020 · Short URL:

Will mobile innovation make credit cards obsolete?

New temobile (WHAT IS THIS WORD?) innovations have made it easier to swipe your credit card and spend to your heart's content. (YOUR SUB-TITLE SAYS CREDIT CARDS ARE OBSOLETE. BUT YOUR LEAD TALKS ABOUT SWIPING YOUR CREDIT CARD MORE. IT'S CONFUSING)

MasterCard on Thursday demoed its (NOT IT'S) new Google Wallet application at an event (WHAT EVENT? AND WHAT DID THIS EVENT FEATURE - WAS IT A GOOGLE EVENT? WAS IT AN EVENT FOR CREDIT CARD COMPANIES? WAS IT AN APP EVENT?) (Link "demoed" to the release or wherever you got this info)

The new MasterCard app features a tap-to-pay option available at any retail outlet with a PayPass station. (HOW DOES THIS WORK EXACTLY? IS IT EASY TO USE? HOW DOES A CONSUMER USE THIS? HOW DOES GOOGLE WALLET INTEGRATE WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD)

The official launch hasn't been happened yet, but will "soon" according (LINK ACCORDING TO THE ARTICLE) to one source at Gizmodo. The service is, as of yet, Andoid-only with the new Qkr platform tested across iOS, Windows Phone Mango, and BlackBerry.

And if you're nervous about the idea of emerging tech whose sole purpose seems to make overspending easier, don't worry. The application offers options on spending limits, the ability to block / approve purchases based on categories, and safety features that alert users of overseas activity. Also, the app will be coupon-capable, with the ability to scan coupon bar-codes.(YOU TALK ABOUT THIS COMBINATION MAKING SPENDING EASIER - HOW CAN SPENDING BE ANY EASIER?)

Now, if only there was some way to curtail holiday spending!

[Source: Gizmodo]

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