The Latest Advancements In The CBD Tech Field

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New CBD-Rich Strains are Benefiting All Involved

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has quickly become the most talked-amount natural substance among those most interested in wellness. The market for CBD extracts, oils, and supplements has been growing explosively, and that has produced plenty of related advances.

In fact, some of the most exciting developments in the field of recent times have been of more interest to producers and suppliers than consumers. A quick look at a few of the latest advancements in CBD technology should reveal that the industry is moving forward quite rapidly.

New CBD-Rich Strains are Benefiting All Involved

As most people know, CBD is found within plants of the hemp family that are also known for their production of the related compound THC. Consumers who seek CBD-based products are not normally interested in the kinds of profoundly mind-altering effects that THC is so famous for.

CBD alone is also largely unregulated, while THC is a heavily controlled substance, at least at the federal level. Becoming able to more easily isolate CBD from other cannabinoids has therefore been a primary goal of producers for quite some time.

Recent advances in breeding have been producing hemp strains with impressive CBD production and almost undetectable THC content. The kinds of options that become apparent when you contact i49 or another seed specialist make it clear that the production of pure CBD has become a lot easier.

Software Tracks and Supports CBD Product Quality

The CBD industry is still a relatively young one, but it has matured quite rapidly. In the beginning, it was common for relatively inexperienced producers to grapple with quality-control problems, but that is no longer much of an issue at all.

One of the reasons for this has been the widespread adoption of software-based quality management tools throughout the industry. These systems make it possible for CBD producers to record and analyze every event in the production pipeline that could possibly impact quality.

Should problems be discovered, having software quality tracking in place will make it much easier to eliminate them. As a result, consumers now enjoy CBD products of consistently higher quality than at any time in the past.

Technology is Improving Access to Banking

The CBD industry often gets unfairly lumped in with the semi-licit marijuana business. For this reason, banks have historically been reluctant to open accounts and work with CBD companies, even in jurisdictions where their activities were most obviously legal.

That made for many unfortunate difficulties, with more than one successful CBD company even operating on a mostly cash basis. Technology is starting to open up new options, though, that are allowing CBD companies to build far stronger financial foundations.

Decentralized payment solutions based on blockchain technology, for instance, are allowing CBD businesses to do away with cash even when banks turn them away. Forward-thinking credit unions and other alternative banking specialists are also using technology to better serve CBD companies located all over the world.

Many Exciting Developments to Come

For a business that focuses on the distribution of a naturally occurring organic compound, the CBD industry has benefited quite notably from a number of technological advances. The rapid growth of the industry has made for a receptiveness to technologically informed solutions that might not normally have been expected.

Even so, many expect technology to make an even deeper mark on the CBD business before much time has passed at all. Although a humble plant with a long history lies at the heart of it, the CBD industry is well-positioned to benefit from technology in many additional ways going forward.

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