RealityEngines.AI has launched the first fully autonomous Cloud AI service

Josiah Motley · January 28, 2020 · Short URL:

The company has highlighted these new tools using facial models displaying a range of emotions

AI is a big subject. It's something that - on the surface - is easy to understand, but the underlying tech and huge data sets are not something most of us can even begin to grasp.

Which can be a problem for many businesses. If they lack the skill, employees, or capital to fully dive into the world of machine learning and AI to benefit their business, someone else can come behind and take the same premise and instantly improve upon it by integrating such tools. There is power in data, but sadly, it can be expensive.

Now, RealityEngines.AI is hoping its democratization of AI through an autonomous cloud AI service can help bring the power of this technology to more people and businesses. For the whole "tech" part of it, Curtis Silver at Forbes does a good job of breaking it down, but we can simplify it even further.

Basically, using RealityEngines.AI you connect your data to the cloud through an API. You then figure out your use cases and what you need the data to tell you (fraud detection, sales forecasts, etc) and then RealityEngines gets to work using things like generative adversarial network (GAN) to clean up the data and fill in the blanks to provide you with advanced data and data modeling.

That's a lot. I know. It's also something RealityEngines.AI realizes, as well. That's why the company has been highlighting the potential of this cloud AI service by using something we all understand - face morphing applications (seen above). While there is plenty of things to fear with deepfakes and other face-morphing apps, it's also a great way to visualize data and AI and how the two can be used together to create the images.  

Overall, it should be interesting to see where RealityEngines.AI goes with this. Data is powering our world and will continue to play a bigger role in the future. While that can be scary, at least tools like this help even the playing field for smaller businesses and startups.

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