What does the future of clinics look like?

Kristin Karaoglu · August 8, 2019 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/4e7d

Crossover, One Medical, HIMs, Heal, Dignity Health, Sutter Health outline the future of care

Vator and HP held the second salon of 2019 called The Future of Clinics, where a group of entrepreneurs from startups, such as One Medical, Heal, Solv, HIMs and Crossover Health, got together to discuss the changing way that care is being delivered, and what that means for the future of how care is delivered.

Are we saving money? As we integrate more technology into the redesign of brick-and-mortar clinics and at-home services, are we saving more money for the patient and the ecosystem at large? At the same time, as we try to alleviate the workload on doctors, are they really making more money?  

The panel, moderated by Bambi Francisco Roizen (Founder and CEO, Vator) and Archana Dubey (Global Medical Director, HP), featured Dr. Pat Carroll (Chief Medical Officer, HIMS/HERS), Jenni Vargas (Chief Strategy Officer, One Medical), Yumi Diangi Taylor (founder of TeraPractice at Sutter Health/ Palo Alto Medical Foundation), Karoline Hilu(Chief Strategy Officer, Crossover Health), Justin Zaghi (Chief Medical Director, Heal), Heather Fernandez, (co-founder and CEO, Solv Health) and Mona Chadha (Chief Strategy Officer Bay Area, Dignity Health). 

Thanks to HP, UCSF Health HubAvison-YoungScrubbedStratpoint, and Advsr. Register for Reinventing the doctor on Sept. 12 at UCSF. Speakers include Keith Rabois, Partner at Founders Fund; Dr. Sunita Mishra, CEO of Providence Express Care; Dr. Michael Abramoff, CEO of IDx; Dr. Arif Nathoo, CEO of Komodo Health and more. REGISTER HERE.

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