Mixmax 2.0 sees improved functionality with Gmail and something called "Beast Mode"

Josiah Motley · February 21, 2019 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/4d4d

The update not only helps with the new Gmail interface, but gives more options with LinkedIn

Whether you're in sales, recruiting, or just find yourself interacting with a bunch of colleagues and clients through email, having tools that automate some of the busy work and make reaching out to others easier is important to keeping your productivity at the highest levels.

Mixmax, who I've interviewed in the past, is one such company that offers those types of services, plus other tools to help teams use email in the most efficient ways possible. Now, the company has released an upgraded version of the service - referred to as Mixmax 2.0.

With the update, Mixmax will work better with Gmail's new features and work appropriately when users are using services like Grammarly to make sure everything is worded correctly.

That is only one part of the update, however. One of the big features to come with the new version of Mixmax is integrations with LinkedIn and its sales tools.

LinkedIn's tools allow you to find the best prospects while also giving you the ability to track changes in their jobs. The new update to Mixmax allows you to access all of these features directly from the Mixmax application in Gmail. With this, you can also directly send InMail (LinkedIn's mail feature) from your account, without ever having to leave Gmail.

Thanks to the service's Salesforce integrations, new features are now available in that portion of Mixmax as well. One feature, "Beast Mode" (yeah, I don't like the name either), let's you complete groups of tasks like bulk phone calls within the Mixmax platform while making notes on each account before syncing it all to Salesforces.

One final feature that is included involves the company's Chrome extension. Now, users will be able to make calls directly to accounts that are linked with Salesforce.

TechCrunch notes that not all plans will get these updates, however. The new interface and improved optimization will come to all plans, but the new LinkedIn features are only available with the Growth ($49/month/user) and Enterprise plans. Beast mode and the Chrome dialer are only available with the Enterprise plan (which doesn't have a price listed).


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