Cigna partners with Annum Health to help combat alcohol-related disease

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Cigna is the first health service company to pilot Annum’s digital addiction treatment program

Alcoholism is a still a big problem, one that affects millions of people in the United States alone. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), over 15 million adults had Alcohol Use Disorder in 2015, and an estimated 88,000 people die from alcohol-related causes annually, behind only tobacco and poor diet and physical inactivity as a preventable cause of death in the U.S.

Not only that, but it's a drain on the economy as well, costing the U.S. $250 billion as of 2010. That includes $82 billion in lost workplace productivity. Any way you look at it, addiction is scourge on society. 

It's the goal of Annumm Health to combat the problem of addiction by using technology, with a mobile-first platform that is also discreet. Now the company might be getting a big boost for its platform as Cigna announced on Wednesday that it is partnering with the company, meaning that Cigna's millions of members will have access to Annum's solution.

Founded in 2016, Annum describes itself as "a confidential, tech-enabled program designed to help people cut back on drinking and treat related issues, such as depression and anxiety."

The company offers a year-long mobile solution that gives members access to a team, including a coach, a physician and a licensed therapist, who help them increase their awareness about how much alcohol they are consuming, how that is impacting their health, and then empower those members to make changes to their drinking habits.

By providing a digital solution, Annum basically allows a person to get continuous treatment wherever they are, bringing addiction solutions to the modern age. 

Through its partnership with Cigna and its employer clients, Annum will be able to design culturally-appropriate awareness campaigns to encourage anonymous self-identification and engagement.

Cigna is the first health service company to pilot Annum Health’s private coaching and clinician-led support program with employer clients, and it could be a boon for the company, as Cigna maintains sales capability in over 30 countries and jurisdictions, and has more than 95 million customer relationships throughout the world

After evaluating the results of the pilot program, Cigna says it could add Annum to it's suite of services on a permanent basis. The company also offers other addiction treatment services, including coverage for drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities and Addiction Treatment Services, which helps explain which treatment benefits a specific policy holder is entitled to. 

“Our collaboration with Cigna marks the first time we will pilot Annum’s remotely-delivered approach to reducing alcohol consumption with a national health services company,” Michael Laskoff, co-founder and CEO of Annum Health, said in a statement. “Cigna is our ideal partner because of our shared passion for improving customers’ access to quality care.”

Annum Health has raised $6.4 million in venture funding from investors that include ARC Angel Fund, Elevate Innovation Partners, Canaan Partners Canaan Partners, AXA Venture Partners AXA Venture Partners and .406 Ventures .406 Ventures.

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