Insurance marketplace, EverQuote, adds insurance offers for safe drivers through their EverDrive app

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Drivers can anonymously share their driving data in return for big discounts on auto insurance

Insurance of any kind often feels like a one-way deal. Yes, in the instances of wrecks, accidents, and other disasters, insurance is extremely important, but often times it feels like companies only care about your money. 

Rarely do you feel like you are rewarded for the steps you make to avoid instances where insurance has to step in, but insurance marketplace EverQuote is hoping to change that.

With their safe driving app, called EverDrive (iOS and Android availability), users can anonymously share driving data with the app and with that information, be eligible for discounts on their car insurance, sometimes by as much as 50%.

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This is made possible through integrations with Octo's Driveability Marketplace and State Auto's innovative safe driving insurance products.

With the EverDrive app, users can look at information regarding their driving to see what they can improve on. Results are displayed through various scores and you can use this information to gauge how well your driving may, or may not, be. 

This information can then be used to submit driving data anonymously to hopefully apply for the discounts mentioned above.

On the other end, insurers benefit from EverQuote by having engaged, and hopefully safe, drivers that they can rate based on the information above, reducing timely assessments and typical overhead costs.

To close out, Seth Birnbaum, EverQuote CEO and Co-Founder, states in the press release,

"We believe EverDrive's safe driving discounts are a major step-forward for the insurance industry, as the personalization of pricing and digital risk management represent the future of insurance. EverDrive is the first carrier-agnostic solution that helps drivers, their friends and family improve driving safety; putting them in control of their own data while accessing significant discounts from participating carrier partners."

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