Guide to Starting a Courier Service in a Small Town

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Starting your own courier service or delivery service may seem like a long shot...

Starting your own courier service or delivery service may seem like a long shot but that is not the case. Sure, there are large companies out there bringing in the big bucks, but that does not mean smaller companies cannot make a profit, especially those operating in small or rural towns. The following is a simple guide to help you get started with this startup.

Start With the Vehicle

The first thing you have to consider is the vehicle that you are going to be using. Sure, you could just use your personal vehicle but it is better to purchase a new truck or van for this venture, which you can claim as a business expense. This new vehicle can be branded and dedicated to the business, which shows good faith.

You can use a auto loan calculator to figure out the ideal car payment your small business can handle right now. Getting the vehicle is half the battle when it comes to delivery service businesses, so it's okay if this step takes some time. Try to focus on a vehicle that gets great mileage but is suited to handle any delivery service needs.

Understand the Need

It is important that you survey your area to find out what kind courier services would be most profitable. If you live in an area where most people own a pet or an animal, then it may be a good idea to ensure that your deliver services can accommodate the transportation of animals. Of course, you are probably going to have to accommodate for packages, too, especially with the rise of online shopping.

Try to showcase the preparation steps you've taken to accommodate potential customers like installing protective boxes that can keep packages or mail safe. You can also showcase how your truck or van is going to keep pets safe and comfortable. Those who are thinking of delivering groceries should definitely think of installing cool boxes to keep groceries fresh. Making sure that your vehicle is ready for deliveries is an important step forward that you can use when marketing your business.

Protect Yourself

It is true that there are usually no strange delivery service permits or licenses that you have to get, but that does not mean you should skip insurances altogether. You are going to be transporting goods that do not belong to you. During the whole ride, you are responsible for those goods; that means you are in danger of being sued should something happen.

You probably have years of driving experience and know that anything can happen when you are on the road. It is important that you purchase a good commercial liability insurance that covers any losses that you may encounter while delivering goods from one place to another. This protects you and ensures that you are back to your courier service business, even if you suffer a financial setback due to a delivery mishap. Keep in mind that having this kind of insurance also helps your customers trust you more because it shows that you are responsible and that you will be able to repay any damages should they occur.

These are just some of the steps you need to take to start a successful delivery service in your town. Granted, you probably need to follow additional good business startup tips like securing a business name, creating a logo, branding, marketing, online marketing, writing a good business plan, and securing a business loan if needed.

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