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Ambar Bhattacharyya from Maverick Ventures at SplashX Invent Health

Bhattacharyya talks about why he likes direct-to-consumer models

Innovation series by Reena A Jadhav
June 26, 2018
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Here's my interview with Ambar Bhattacharyya of Maverick Ventures, which invests in Series A to Series C startups with check sizes between $5 million and $20 million. We spoke at Vator and HP's SplashX Invent Health salon focused on "Mental and Behavioral Health."

Maverick has invested in One Medical, CityBlock and Limbix.

Bhattacharyya spoke on the VC panel that evening. Here's a post in which the VCs talk about their investments and why they're interested in mental and behavioral health.

Thanks to HP and Vator for hosting the event. Thanks to HP for being the main sponsor and thanks to our other sponsors: Avison Young, Advsr, Stratpoint and Scrubbed

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Bio: Early and growth stage investor in technology and healthcare companies

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