5 Tips For Running A Digital Marketing Business Successfully

Dante Munnis · June 29, 2017 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/49c9

5 Tips For Running A Digital Marketing Business Successfully

Successfully Running A Digital Marketing Business

Digital marketing is huge.  In fact, if you check out the latest eMarketer’s report, you’ll see for 2017 that it’s projected that the money spent on digital ads will beat out TV ads for the first time ever.  The report additionally talks about how digital marketing is expected to keep growing steadily beyond that and that the money spent on online marketing and digital ads by companies will only rise higher and higher. 

However, as with any other tech, there are effective ways to employ it, and ways that will lead you to serious disappointment.  Knowing this, marketers have to be savvy about how they go about the digital arena and by keeping up with the latest research, frequently sharpen their skill set and study the latest trends in and around their industries.  To help you with this, there are five tips for successfully running a digital marketing business. 

1)  Get Data Focused

Over the past few years, companies have become increasingly data-driven as they’ve incorporated strategies that have allowed them to not only acquire essential information but to also organize and filter it to meet their particular business needs.  Thus, by using big data to help gain a significant return on the money you pump into your digital marketing, you’ll be taking a big step towards developing a successful business.

However, while data-driven techniques such as analyzing the performance of various digital marketing channels, observing the digital media world in order to gain critical information, and controlling the cycle of marketing content you put out, will go long ways towards your business’s growth, you’ll need the right measurement tools and the ability to perform data analysis to fully take advantage of the industry data you acquire.  Some of these tools include:

  • Performing market research via mobile surveys
  • Social media platforms
  • Open Surveys
  • Email campaigns
  • Various marketing tools

What you learn here will not only allow you to understand your customers better, but also guide you towards creating better ads, marketing contents, and social media campaigns.

2)  Replace Quality Content With Engaging Content

You’re always hearing about the importance of quality content, and rightfully so since Google rewards high-quality stories and articles with greater visibility.  But believe it or not, you don’t want to be solely focused on quality, instead, the challenge for your brand to grow is dependent on you being able to evolve your content from simply one of quality to that which engages with and keeps your audience. 

So what does “engaging” content mean?

Essentially, this is content (articles, images, blogs, videos) that viewers not only watch or read but also like and share them on their own networks.  The way to create this level of content is to continuously learn, refine, and improve upon your site’s content. In addition, don’t simply depend on your audience reaching out organically, but rather, enhance your audience’s scope of reach by putting out your content through various channels such as social media, podcasts, email and blogs. 

3)  Go Visual

With digital marketing enterprises implementing more and more visuals into the storytelling, you want to use your blog, website, or social media platform as a way to show off graphics and videos that can be used as marketing tools to enhance audience engagement which it turn will put you closer to hitting your marketing goals.  The trick is to use effective and immersive visual storytelling (infographics, feature images) to demonstrate the value of your service or product in order to capture and keep the attention of potential customers. 

Take a look at some key stats put out by HubSpot:

  • Digital content that includes images gets 94% more views.
  • 34% digital marketers state using visuals as their most valuable form of content.
  • 46% of marketers believe their present storytelling and marketing strategies are dependent on visuals in order to succeed.
  • 55% of digital marketers say one of their top priorities for this year was to promote more visual content.
  • 39% of content creators/marketers plan on segmenting a majority of their yearly budget to the creation or acquisition of powerful visual images. 

With videos and images being found in their own search index on YouTube and Google, you can use them to further develop your business and expand visibility.  Furthermore, you can implement visual tools such as an infographics board or a video channel to reach the various niches of a market to get noticed even more.

4)  Lock-On To Mobile

If there’s a tie that binds all the aspects of digital marketing, it would be Mobile.  Mobile is connected to every aspect of digital marketing, impacting content creation, user experience, promotion, web creation and design.  Check out some stats that show how important mobile is:

  • It’s estimated that 2 billion people will be using smartphones by year-end.
  • 63.4% of all digital ads utilize mobile
  • ‘Mobile friendliness’ is now a Google key ranking factor
  • This year, ad spending through mobile is projected to increase by 38% for a raw dollar value of about 43.6 billion.
  • An estimated 92% of Americans use a smartphone

Thus, as people get more and more attached to their smartphones, smart digital marketers will concentrate on developing apps tailored to specific needs that offer users a greater feeling of personalization.

5)  Pay Attention To Personalized Marketing

The success of a digital marketing campaign lives and dies by its effectiveness to target its audience and that why personalized marketing is so powerful. By creating content that focuses on the needs and preferences of your target market, you’ll ensure that you capture their attention while leading them down your sales funnel so your digital marketing company will definitely get into top websites page.  However, in order to create the sort of effective personalized content that leads to conversions, digital marketers have to first gather data and perform the necessary research regarding their audience that will give them the proper insight on what will make them respond in a positive way.   


Just remember, giving users what they’re looking for is the key to successful digital marketing.  You’ve got to know who your audience is and use that information to design a strategy that helps them on their journey; do these things and follow it with stellar execution, and you’ll have a great shot of hitting the goals you set.

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