Studying History: How Westward Expansion Still Inspires Small Businesses

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How the Legacy of Westward Expansion Continues to Inspire Small Business Owners

We have such a long history of conquering other lands. This is what led to the development of the world. It enables nations to trade spices and resources so that other parts of the land in the world get developed too. History is rich with events which we can learn from. We are actually living a part of history now, a part children will learn about in a few years. And the good part is that we continue to be inspired by all the advancements and changes that have taken place around the world. And one of these events is the expansion in the west. Which, of course, still inspires small businesses. How is this happening? Find out below.


Linking People

One of the ways businesses are inspired by what happens in the world and by the westward expansion that started in the 1800s is that it helps connect people. Starting a business is no easy thing. You need to do market research, you need to think about the name, values, and mission of your company. You need to think about the services and offers you want to offer. And, of course, you need to come up with something valuable on the market, so that people will choose you over other similar businesses. And when you learn about the westward expansion, you continue to be inspired by the discovery of new lands that happened a long time ago.


Even though there are over 200 years since this happened, this historical event continues to inspire businesses from all over the world. College students who learn about this find the topic so fascinating and inspiring. They might even have to write an essay on westward expansion, read books and learn about how it linked people from the east to people from the west. Any experienced essay writer who approaches these essay topics in their papers shows that studying history inspires small businesses. Many essay samples point to the fact that the westward expansion has helped people get to know other ways of organization, other ways of trading, or just living. Which, indeed inspires businesses up to this day.


Agriculture Expansion

Food, water, and air are crucial elements for being alive. Food is going through a complete transformation as the population around the globe is constantly increasing. However, the resources we have available are limited. So, we need to find ways to produce food so that we can support the entire population around the globe. The westward expansion inspired exactly this.


Agriculture developed so much and it came up with new ideas and strategies to grow crops, but also protect them from parasites. At the same time, it creates jobs for many people. Agriculture expansion helped and is helping societies and nations develop tremendously. It encourages migration and helps communities develop tremendously by connecting people.


Community Expansion

Even though now we are well aware of all the countries and land that exist on Earth, the westward expansion continues to inspire small businesses. There are communities around the world that are not as well developed as others, so it means there is a need for a business can meet within a certain community. Community expansion, which is still happening as people continue to migrate, creates opportunities for businesses around the world.


Final Thoughts

There is a famous saying: those who learn history do not fall into the risk of repeating it. And this is true somehow. As long as you know what happened in the past, you can make more informed decisions. The westward expansion, even though it happened centuries ago, still has the power of inspiring small businesses. It still connects people but also contributes to agriculture expansion and in turn to community development. And people who want to start a business can learn a lot from history.


Bio lines: Karl Bowman is a content writer and blogger passionate about history. His dream is to start a business that helps communities connect with each other, exchange ideas, and help each other grow. Karl loves traveling around the world, meeting new cultures, and understanding how people live in distinct parts of the Earth. His hobbies are reading, hiking, and swimming.

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