CompTIA A+ Certification | 220-801, 220-802 Exams

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CompTIA A+ Certification | 220-801, 220-802 Exams

Are you looking for answers to your numerous questions regarding CompTIA A+ Certifications? Do you want to write the CompTIA A+ exams and do you need to get details concerning the exam?
This guide will help you answer those questions and will also provide you with abundant information about the CompTIA A+ certification. This guide serves as a map for anyone wanting to know how they can pass the exam, how much it costs, and where they can find the recommended study sites and free study guide sources.

What is the CompTIA A+ certification?

The CompTIA A+ certification is a credential which is required for entry level PC service professionals. This certification focuses on their skill and competence in installing, customizing, and operating personal computers. A candidate who passes this exam is referred to as an A+ Certified technician. This credential is globally recognized, and its skills and knowledge widely required and accepted in every sector of the economy. This certification means that its holder is an IT professional available to operate and offer services pertaining to personal computers. The CompTIA A+ certification is required to begin your career in the IT world.

What are the requirements for the CompTIA A+ certification?

To become an A+ certified technician, you must take the exam. This credential is a lifetime certificate. However, since 2011, CompTIA A+ certification holders are required to retake the A+ exam every three years. This is due to the changes in technology, constant changes in the IT field, and technology’s volatility.

How to schedule the CompTIA A+ exam?

To schedule the CompTIA A+ certification exam, first, you must create a Pearson VUE account by signing up on their website. After signing in, choose a test center close to you or in a convenient location. You need to purchase a voucher from Pearson VUE or CompTIA in order to sit for the exam.

How much does CompTIA A+ test cost?

The CompTIA A+ certification exam costs $199 which includes the cost of registration, the voucher and the exam itself. The exam is quite inexpensive compared to other types of certification exams in the IT field. It is important that you pay any outstanding balance before taking the exam.

What are the recommended CompTIA A+ study guides?

This exam requires you to answer over 90 multiple-choice questions based on how to install a computer, computer maintenance, PC customization and how to effectively repair a computer system. This exam requires you to study extensively for at least 3 weeks because it involves a great deal of studying and concentration. You can obtain recommended study guides for CompTIA A+ certification on the CompTIA website.

Where can I find free CompTIA A+ certification study guides?

Practice tests are one of the most effective tools used before taking an exam. The CompTIA A+ study guides to use for A+ certification exams are practice exams 220-801 and 220-802. They can be found online, in certifications exam preparation websites such as Exam-labs, which provides you with the necessary tools needed to pass your exam in one go. The CompTIA A+ exam practice tests for 220-801 and 220-802 can be easily accessed and after consulting these study materials, passing the exams will be much easier.

In conclusion, this certification is a stepping stone for your career in the IT field. It provides you with the skill to operate and maintain personal computers.



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