5 Most Powerful and Fast Growing Asian Start-ups

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If you love exploring the tech world, here are some Asian startups.


If you love exploring the tech world, here are some Asian startups that’s leading and dominating the market at very fast rates.

1. Devsisters Corp.

Based in Seoul, S. Korea, Devsisters is one of the fastest growing startups in Asia that continuously entertains the world through its expertly designed mobile games. It also specializes in game characters’ development. In 2015, it was the leading company in the 2015 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific program. This program ranks software, hardware, telecommunications technologies and other tech related developments regardless of being private or governmental.

Devsisters is one company that loves creativity, imaginative design, fun, intelligence and sassy innovations. Besides gaming options, it deals with iPod and iPhone touch apps. The public company which was formed in 2007 has now expanded to employ over 200 young talented dreamers and prodigies. When you join Devsisters’ family, you’re not limited but let to thrive and blossom in a very entertaining yet creative environment. Several programming languages which include but not limited to JavaScript, Python, C, C++ and Ruby are used here at Devsisters. So, they easily can do and write your project from start to finish. One of its bestselling games is “Oven Break” game series whose popularity has amazed people all over North America, Europe and the Asia.  In 2015 the company’s growth percentage was up to 8516%, one the highest ever recorded.

2. Wuhan hi-target Digital Cloud Technology Co Ltd

Second on the list is this hardware company based in China. The company experienced a growth percentage of 7100% in as listed in Deloitte’s technology fast 500 startups in Asian region. Wuhan hi target is a subsidiary of Hi-target group based in Tainan Technology Zone of Guangzhou, China. The company deals with high tech scanning and mapping equipment for geographical information systems support. The company has patented the 3s technology-based high precision 3-dimensional laser scanning equipment which is its main focus.

Started in 2012, Wuhan high target that also goes by Haifa Few Clouds Technology was purposely started with an aim of manufacturing high tech 3D scanning equipment and applications for industrial growth. It has since then grown into this large organization that also deals with digital cultural heritage, precision measurement equipment and digital city that provides life changing solutions to problems related to construction of 3D world. Some of its best seller products are: 3D laser scanner, his can-slam and the ARS-100. They recently launched the hi-target mobile mapping system, the scan V, on the 29th of April in China’s Hong Kong city.

3. Prospa

The award winning startup from Australia provides financial support to small businesses in Australia. The startup deals with smart software and tech to offer online lending packages for small business. It was ranked number one is Deloitte tech fast50 companies in Australia, third in 2015 Deloitte tech fast500 in Asia, 33rd in 2015 KPMG and H2 Ventures FinTech100 and a finalist in 2015 Telstra business awards, NSW. Such are the rewards that come with great competence, market understanding and a good ton of work.

The privately owned company lends as little as $5000 in which you can repay over 3months. It has lent over $70m to thousands of small business entrepreneurs in Australia. The company’s reputation has immensely grown due to its unsecured loans and small business loan plans. Small businesses can simply apply for loans say of $6000 which is processed within 24 hours. Eligibility criterion is checked using an online platform PropaScore which is specifically designed to suit the requirements of small businesses in Australia. After qualifying for the applied loans, they’re processed and the customer is advised on monthly and weekly repayment options.

4. Cirrus networks.

Yet another startup from Australia, cirrus networks specializes in the development of information technology infrastructure. Formerly known as Liberty resources limited, Cirrus has several subsidiaries. These include: Rhodes Resources Pty Ltd, Liberty Technologies Pty Ltd, Boab Energy Pty Ltd. Liberty resources shifted to IT after being an oil exploration company for a long time. The startup is listed number 4 in the 2015 Deloitte ranking of fast growing companies with a growth percentage of 5571%. Headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, Cirrus will design, develop, store, secure, backup, implement, maintain and manage your entire IT infrastructure.

They have unique packages to fit all your personal needs. Cirrus ensures its clients of satisfaction, honesty, integrity and transparency. They deal with a wide range of customers such as those in the entertainment field, engineering, project management and the local governments. Be sure to maximize your Return on Investment (ROI) by integrating your organization’s systems with the World class integrator of IT infrastructure. Their patented infrastructure as a service (IaaS) allows you to pay on a per unit basis. They also offer similar packages such as Network as a Service (NaaS), Storage as a Service (SaaS) and Automation as a Service (AaaS). All these are pocket friendly and flexible to accommodate a wide range of users.

5. Changzhou Yihutong Logistics Technology Co Ltd

Fifth on the list is yet another China startup in the media industry. Being the first one in this industry, the company experienced a percentage growth of 5250% in 2015. The startup is popularly known for its world-class logistics apps. These are readily available on the Apple store most of which run on iOS 6. They also provide a freight line logistics trading platform for various users.

There you have it. These startups battled it all to top in the various categories provided by Deloitte. The eligibility criterion was a harsh one, yet they made it to these positions. Most of them are still young with some having been started in less than five years ago. Others had been started way back, but the focus on tech was not until recently. The classification was based on the country, sector and a three-year growth percentage. Amongst the top 500 startups, 139 originated from China. This marks a significant increment of over 100 companies in the previous year’s report. This is a good indicator of China’s great potential in tech growth and development. This would make an ideal hub for you to start your own startup or to partner up. Other promising destinations in Pacific Asia are Taiwan, which held 84 positions. Generally speaking, Asia is good for business thanks to its large and exponentially growing population.

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