The winner of Splash Spring is... ScreenMeet!

Steven Loeb · May 12, 2016 · Short URL:

Congratulations also to our People's Choice Winner: The History Project!

This year's Vator Splash Spring was one of our biggest events yet, with more than 800 registered attendees and a slew of panels and speakers. But we didn't forget what Splash is still all about: getting excellent startups up on stage in front of VCs and entreprenuers.

This time, we had eight companies competing against each other for the top spot, and, in the end it was ScreenMeet that took the top prize.

 ScreenMeet is creating a new category on mobile that the incumbent web conferencing vendors are not addressing.  We have unbundled the killer feature of web conferencing, screen sharing, and offer it as a stand-alone app on mobile.  We are first to market with mobile screen sharing. To be clear, we are NOT competing to build a better web conferencing solution for mobile, we are creating the category of screen sharing on mobile. We also enable screen sharing from computers to phone, tablets or computers instantly with no download.

This unbundling enables new opportunities and new use cases that were previously undiscovered.  Today, after 3 months of commerical availability, our mobile first business consists of direct sales customers (150+) who previously did NOT have a way of sharing their app remotely with their prospects.  Our desktop screen sharing business (50+ customers, 10 companies) is currently software companies that sell to SMB's and consumers.

We also allowed the people who came to Splash Spring to vote for their favorite startup as well, and The People's Choice award went to The History Project!

 The History Project (THP) is changing how our history is told by re-inventing the digital time capsule. THP has created a space between the momentary chatter of social media and the automation of cloud storage to unify our most important memories and curate them beautifully into collaborative multi-media narratives that transcend generations.

As a pinterest of emotional belongings, THP has created a space between social media and cloud storage to unify our most important memories and curate them beautifully into collaborative multi-media narratives that transcend generations.  We are the opposite of snapchat and recognize that as digital content explodes there needs to be a place where the most meanigful things can be preserved forever, richly and beautifully.

Thank you to all the other startups who presented today!

CUJO is like a virtual door for your connected home. It is a smart firewall that guards all devices on your network with business-level security. Plug it into your router and control it with your iPhone or Android app. CUJO uses cloud-based service, including behavioral analysis and machine learning, to offer business-level Internet security.

The company has created a cloud-powered firewall to guard home networks against hackers and cyber criminals. While it's plug-n-play and super simple for anybody to use, it's also packed with business-level security features. CUJO retails for $99 with a $8.99/month subscription.

Prior art is the key to invalidating frivolous patents and rejecting trivial inventions. DataNovo automates prior art searching to help businesses fight patent infringement lawsuits, and assesses freedom-to-operate before pursuing potentially patentable innovations.

The company finds prior arts to every patent instantly. Prior art is anything that shows an invention is old or obvious. Companies use prior arts to invalidate frivolous patents and show that those innovations already exist long before. Companies also use prior arts (or a lack thereof) to show why their products are not obvious variations but truly cutting-edge technologies. Prior art is what stands between just an idea and true invention. It’s the holy grail in intellectual property.



Choosey foodies and indecisive diners alike will now be able to discover the best items on any restaurant menu with Dysh App. Users share photos of their hunger-inducing meals (curate #foodporn) and then rate their dishes on a 100-point scale. Dysh answers both the age-old question, "what do I order?" and the modern quandary, "where do I post it?"

Restaurant-hoppers, choosey foodies and indecisive diners alike will now be able to discover the best items on any menu thanks to the new smartphone application, Dysh. The free app, launched by Toast Labs, Inc. merges user-generated content and mobile technology to create a conversation around the food, getting straight to the plate.


Hostfully is a platform that helps hosts in the alternative lodging industry (e.g. Airbnb, HomeAway) create guidebooks that contain essential hospitality information for their guests - a "virtual concierge". Hosts share key home-sharing information, as well as local recommendations for food, shopping, entertainment and more - on mobile, web, and in print.

Hostfully opens up new sales and marketing channels for local businesses to reach tourists who are staying outside of hotels, a $100B market expected to grow 10% YOY through 2025. The host is "the last mile" to the alternative lodging tourist while they're on vacation, with enormous influence on the buying decisions of their guests.  Hostfully is tapping into this opportunity. is launching the first streaming app dedicated to stand-up comedy. The app not only allows listeners to stream comedy from professional comedians (such as Chris Rock and George Carlin), it allows emerging comedians to upload and publish comedy albums of their own.

The app has acquired comedic recordings of hundreds of professional comedians. We also have direct distribution deals with the largest media publishers in comedy such as Comedy Central. No other platform has the ability to capture a significant portion of the $10b comedy market and the $15B audio advertising market.  We've built a cutting-edge on-demand platform for entertainment media.


Sailo is a centralized online marketplace for boat rentals that connects people who want to rent boats to boat owners, charter operators and captains.

The company uses technology to change the fragmented $35B boat charter industry and make rentals easy and online. We take the slow, cumbersome and antiquated booking process and turns it into a seamless five minute experience. Today's consumers want to be able to select and book in minutes: with Sailo, users can search, compare and book in minutes.

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