Backblaze's new 6.0 storage pod can house 480TB of data

Josiah Motley · April 26, 2016 · Short URL:

The company has open sourced the entire process, meaning you can build the pod yourself

Backblaze, a company which got its start in enterprise level backup solutions, recently got into the cloud storage market and has announced its newest storage pod for servers, the 6.0.

Backblaze Storage Pod 6.0

The Storage Pod 6.0 uses a 4u chassis, is scaleable, and can house up to 480TB of data. They will be using these new pods in their cloud storage business, B2, with prices coming in at much less than traditional cloud storage companies like Amazon and Microsoft Azure.

If you're a startup, SMB, or hobbyist who wants to run a private server, then Backblaze has a solution for you, also.

Backblaze will not sell you a pre-built 6.0 pod, but they have open sourced the entire process, meaning you can build your own storage pod, for as low as $.036 per gigabyte. The build is scalable, with the ability to bump it up to 480TB of storage. When you break those numbers down, it's approximately 1/4th the cost of traditional cloud storage from Amazon or similar services. Backblaze has included everything from blueprints and STEP files to wiring diagrams, build diagrams, and parts lists. While building your own server isn't necessarily difficult if you're familiar with the process, having everything available from the jump will help expedite the process.

If you'd like to learn more about the 6.0 pod, as well as a parts list and files for building your own, make sure to check out their blog post.

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