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James Mastronardi

An entrepreneur, a successful business owner James Mastronardi, and a self-made success in business world. Through hard work, determination, and a dedication to the customer, he has created one of the most successful indoor tanning salon companies in the country today. He is currently the owner and Chairman of Ultratan Inc., which is an indoor tanning company that currently consists of more than 91 locations across North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. He is also the owner of JPM Construction Inc. and JPM Investments LLC. He has been the recipient of numerous awards, included several customer choice awards within the indoor tanning salon industry.

In 1990, James Mastronardi saw an opportunity to own and operate his own indoor tanning salon business. The industry was taking off as indoor tanning grew in popularity, and he saw an opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur. Ultratan Inc. began as a single salon location that consisted of only five basic tanning beds. However, James saw an opportunity to expand his business when new tanning bed technology changed the game in the industry. In the last 25 years, Ultratan Inc. has grown to cover three states in the Southeast with plans of even further expansion. JPM Construction Inc. was created in order to better expand his indoor tanning business. The company is a licensed general contractor, as well as a licensed mechanical contractor.

James Mastronardi

James Mastronardi clarifies that he owes his prosperity to gaining from past errors, and continually taking the more responsible option with regards to managing his business sector rivals. Rather than working his business with the objective of making his rivals bankrupt, he basically concentrates on the client, which improves his business than the rest. He comprehends the significance of utilizing sound business morals while directing business, and he trusts that it has assisted him with turning into a pioneer in the field.

Not just has possessed the capacity to fruitful develop his business into the achievement it is today, yet he has likewise been perceived for his work in the business by customers and pioneers in the business itself. He was the beneficiary of the Smart Tan Industry Achievement Award and Medallion for the exhibition of remarkable authority in the business. Ultratan Inc. is reliably voted Greenville News' Best of the Upstate, which is an award the business has gotten reliably since 1998.

James Mastronardi is devoted to the accomplishment of his business and being a pioneer in the indoor tanning industry. He comprehends that his clients are his number one need and that their needs start things out before whatever else.

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James Mastronardi

James Mastronardi understands what it takes to not only start a business in a competitive market, but be successful in one as well.

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James Mastronardi

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James Mastronardi understands what it takes to not only start a business in a competitive market, but be successful in one as well.