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Steven Loeb · October 15, 2015 · Short URL:

Thank you to all of those who attended Vator Splash LA and made it great!

Vator held its annual Splash LA event on Thursday, and it couldn't have gone better. Not only were the panelists, and all of our presenting companies great, but so were all of our audience members, who helped us to preserved the memory of the event on Twitter forever.

Here are some highlights from our attendees on Twitter:

Opening Remarks Emcee: Alex Roizen (Adviser, Ackrell Capital), Katherine Noesen (Delegate, Vator) , Bambi Francisco (Founder & CEO, Vator)

The art of LA startup trendspotting Jeremy Liew (Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners) and Bambi Francisco (Founder & CEO, Vator)

Session 2: Bubbles, valuations and a guide to fundraising in LA Moderator: Rob Kornegay (Partner, Wilson Sonsini); Panelists: Peter Lee (Partner, Baroda Ventures), Erik Rannala (Co-Founder & Partner, MuckerLab), James Conlon (Partner, Bullpen Capital), Tianxiang Zhuo (Managing Partner, Karlin Ventures)

  Session 4: Getting the Flywheel goingModerator: Ezra Roizen (Partner, Ackrell Capital); Panelists: Kyle Hill (Founder & CEO, HomeHero), TJ Sassani (Founder & CEO, Zozi), Merlin Kauffman (Founder & CEO, Soothe) - See more at:

The Data I Discounted: Adam Goldenberg (Founder, CEO, JustFab)

What’s missing from your pitch deck? What every entrepreneur needs to know, but shouldn’t put in - See more at:

Lessons learned for investors: Brian Garrett (Co-Founder & Managing Director, Crosscut Ventures)

How crowdfunding is evolving and why it’s great for angels: Paige Craig (Founder & Partner, Arena Ventures)

How to win a deal - Why entrepreneurs pick one investor over another: Peter Pham (Partner, Science)

Helping VCs find conviction: What you’ll Need to Close Your Grown Up Round: Kara Nortman (Partner, Upfront Ventures)

Diversity Panel - When will Tech look like LA?: Moderator: Sean Arian (Founder & Chief Strategist, Bixel Exchange), Panelists: Oscar Menjivar (Founder & CEO, URBAN TXT); Kimberly Freeman (Assistant Dean, Diversity Initiatives, UCLA); Dolly Singh (Founder & CEO, Thesis Couture); Roxane Lukas (Senior Vice President, People Team, JustFab), Levi Nitzberg (Head of Talent, Tinder)

Owning the Bathroom,, Michael Dubin (Founder & CEO, Dollar Shave Club) and Bambi Francisco (Founder & CEO, Vator)

Vator Splash Winners

Thanks to our main sponsors Wilson SonsiniKPMGJavelin Venture PartnersSky MediaWavemakerAll Good Living Collective,  Bread and Butter Wine, and our co-production partner, Bixel Exchange.

Editor's Note: Our annual Post Seed conference is around the corner on Dec. 1 at Ruby Skye in San Francisco. Speakers include John Doerr (Kleiner Perkins), Vinod Khosla (Khosla Ventures), Alfred Lin (Sequoia Capital), and more. Join us! REGISTER HERE.

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