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Company description

Thesis couture is the world’s first performance driven, fashion footwear brand within the $40B global high heel market.

We’ve recruited world class experts and luminaries across fashion, technology, and anatomy to reset the standard of design excellence in women’s high heels. Our brilliant team includes a former NASA astronaut, a uniquely-trained fashion scientist and designer, a world class orthopedic surgeon, and more.

Using structural engineering principles, advanced material science and with a keen focus on human factors, we have created a patent-pending internal architecture of core components to replace the century-old parts and processes still used in today’s painful high heels.

Our design and materials measurably improve load distribution across the foot, impact shock, and kinematics, resulting in a healthier and longer-wearing shoe that never compromises on high fashion or sexy aesthetic.






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Business model

Thesis will operate on a reservation/pre-order model via eCommerce, offering limited quantities of our branded product for FY 2015 and FY 2016 and expanding significantly in 2017.

Due to the unique nature of our product and team we have been able to secure significant amount of free marketing through PR and (upcoming) speaking engagements.

We will continue to build relationships with influential bloggers and press within fashion and tech, capitalize on invitations to speak at high-visibility conferences, and build our (visual and educational) social media presence. Customers will also be invited to engage with the product at VIP events in major cities prior to launch.

These opportunities, paired with the conservative sales requirements of the business (i.e. the purposefully limited quantities offered) will help Thesis to scale in a controlled and organized way.

In 2015, we will launch with a single style, offering 1,500 pairs of our Founders Edition shoe at $925 per pair.

In 2016, we will offer two small collections (Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter) of 3 styles each: Day, Evening and Couture. Each style will be offered in 3 color variations and will be available in sizes 6-10. Each collection will offer 5,000 units:

  • 2,500 of the Day style, priced at $395
  • 1,750 of the Evening style, priced at $695
  • 750 of the Couture style, priced at $925 

In 2017, we will increase the volume of our branded shoes through our eCommerce channel to 40K. And we will expand distribution of our original branded product through retailer relationships. We will also expand our offerings to styles with slightly lower heel heights, and we will begin licensing our internal components IP to other leading designers in the industry.

Competitive advantage

Our competitive advantage includes our patent-pending technology, manufacturing process, innovative manufacturers that double as investors, and an uprecedented team of cross-industry experts.

Thesis Couture bridges performance and fashion - it's Jimmy Choo meets Nike.

Our expert team of scientists, engineers, and designers have re-architected the high heel shoe from the inside out to offset the inherent pain and lasting health hazards of wearing high heels.

Our technologists have worked together with our designer from the onset to ensure our high-performance high heel shoe isn't just brilliant on the inside; but also functional and beautiful on the outside.

The Thesis LiftTM is a unique set of components that will be sold as a Thesis branded high heel shoe on our eCommerce site and through our retail partners. We will also sell our technology as a licensed component kit to other leaders in the footwear industry.

Thesis LiftTM includes:

  1. Patent-pending advanced polymer shank to redistribute weight, thereby reducing pain and improving foot & body support
  2. Patent-pending toe bed design to prevent bunions and muscle fatigue
  3. Patent-pending platform design using cutting edge aerospace materials to reduce and absorb impact shock to the body
  4. Strategically placed straps to prevent internal slipping and friction
  5. Slip-resistant, durable outer sole to further reduce shock, improve grip and ease walking
  6. Cushioned internal heel bed to reduce blisters and pain by holding the foot from the bottom up, rather than the classic top down
  7. Visual appearance: 4-inch heel. Actual pitch: 2.75-inches, deemed safer by foot and ankle surgeons.