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Today's Entrepreneur: Pavan Kumar

No. 1 Mistake: Not concentrating on their product market fit

Innovation series by Mitos Suson
September 28, 2015
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Today's Entrepreneur is Pavan Kumar, Co-founder and CTO at Cocoon CamCocoon Cam is a patent pending non-invasive video monitor and phone application duo that provides parents information about the baby's sleeping position, skin temperature, and respiration patterns. Key benefits parents will receive visual and measured reassurance that their baby is safe and well.

Kumar is a graduate of ComSci at University of California, San Diego last 2015 and he got his degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering at MSRIT last 2012. He is most interested in UbiComp, HealthTech, Computer Vision, and Data Engineering.

Cocoon Cam self-categorizes in these areas: Applications (Apps)Mobile appsSocial Applications.

Here's a little about Kumar:

Companies I've founded or co-founded: Cocoon Cam (Wearless Tech Inc.)

Companies I work or worked for: 
Apple Computer, NetApp, University of California, San Diego

Achievements (products built, personal awards won):

• Technical Reviewer for the book, ‘OpenCV with Python By Example’ for PACKT Publishing 2015 
• Received NSF Innovation Corps Award (#1542255) to commercialize project ‘Cocoon Cam’ 2015 
• Winner, ‘Zahn Prize’ by The Moxie Center, University of California, San Diego 2015 
• ‘Most Practical Solution Award’, MedHack, San Francisco (30+ judges from Technology and Medical domain) 2014 
• Best Paper Award, International Conference on Electrical, Communication and Information Technology, India 2012 
• Co Organized TEDx MSRIT and Received delegate scholarship to participate in world TEDx Summit, Doha, Qatar 2012 
• 5th Place in Design Group, Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition, Oakland University, Michigan 2012 
• Received INR 300,000 project grant from Karnataka Knowledge Commission, IEEE AIYEHUM and MSR foundation 2010 • 1st Prize – Website Design Competition, VITM, India 2007 
• Awarded ‘Intel Fellowship’ and interned under Prof. Soumitra Das at Indian Institute of Science, India 2006 
• ‘Best of Subject Category Award’ for project ‘Mastitis Treatment Supporting Formula’, Intel Science Talent Discovery Fair 2005

If you are an entrepreneur, why? I want to change the world.

My favorite startups: GoPro, Uber

What's the No. 1 mistake entrepreneurs make? Most entrepreneurs assume that their product has a market and don't concentrate on evaluating their product-market fit.

What are the top three lessons you've learned as an entrepreneur?

It is important for startup founders to talk to as many potential customers as possible to understand the real customer need for your product or service.

Full bio

Pavan is currently working as a Chief Technology Officer at Wearless Tech Inc., a startup based in San Francisco, California. At the startup, Pavan has been leading the development of ‘Cocoon Cam’, a non-contact, computer vision based camera system to reliably monitor the heart rate, temperature and breathing of infant patients. The product has received multiple awards including the US National Science Foundation Innovation Corps award, Zahn Prize by The Moxie Foundation and the Most Practical Solution award in San Francisco.

Pavan has a master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of California, San Diego and a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication from MSRIT, India. He has worked as a software programmer at Apple headquarters, in Cupertino, California and as a Technical Marketing Engineer at NetApp Inc., in Bangalore, India. He has technical experience in the fields of computer vision, and machine learning, having published works in both areas. 


Cocoon Cam is a semi-finalist for the Splash LA competition. The top eight of the competition will compete live on stage at Splash LA on Oct. 15 at Loews Santa Monica Hotel. Register here

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