Cocoon Cam (Wearless Tech Inc.)

Cocoon Cam (Wearless Tech Inc.)
Designed for parents looking for a simple, secure way to monitor their newborns.
San Francisco, California, United States United States
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Cocoon Cam is a patent pending non-invasive video monitor and phone application duo that provides parents information about the baby's sleeping position, skin temperature, and respiration patterns as well as education on ways to reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Key benefits parents will receive visual and measured reassurance that their baby is safe and well. Customizable alerts for a better night's rest.

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Cocoon Cam uses machine vision to measure heart and respiratory rate, plus infrared sensors to detect skin temperature. Parents can view video and receive custom notifications via their smartphone - without compromising safety. Our "secret sauce" includes computer vision and machine learning algorithms which detects vitals without contact.

Cocoon Cam only the beginning. Besides leading our technology efforts, our R&D team will continuously work on developing techniques to monitor other vital signs including blood oxygen levels, blood pressure improving our software and building  which can help us expand our product portfolio and provide more value for our current and future customers.

Our vision is to use our amazing technology to completely redefine the limitations in the consumer caregiver monitoring, ICU monitoring, telehealth monitoring, security, and surveillance spaces! We're currently exploring an interest by Stanford and UCSD to partner for clinical trials.

Benefits of "wearless" technology include: 

  • Safety: No wires or small parts 
  • Convenience: Maintenance of the wearable  
  • No False Alarms (Device falling off)


Despite owning conventional baby monitors, most parents still fear the unpredictability of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) - which is the leading cause of unexpected deaths among infants in the United States. Conventional audio/video monitors can’t monitor a baby’s temperature and overall condition. Wearable monitors have been known to cause irritation issues, create false alarms, and are unable to determine unsafe sleeping positions.

Our initial target market is parents and caregivers. 4.2 million babies are born in the US yearly, a total addressable market of $1.47B. 2.5M baby monitors are sold every year  in the US, making it a serviceable addressable market of $368M. Based on research, selling up to 200K monitors a year is reasonable. This preliminary analysis would suggest an serviceable obtainable market of $70M ($350 x 200k). Our goal is to start with the US market and build partnerships with distributors in other large markets: Europe, Australia and Asia.

Detailed market analysis and business plan will be shared upon request.


Siva Nattamai: CEO

EECS, Rutgers University. Siva has hardware, firmware, and mobile software experience at companies such as Tesla Motors, Garmin International, and Motorola. He has developed embedded software for consumer products, as well as hardware and system design for larger control systems. Sivakumar is responsible for hardware design and will lead the manufacturing process. Sivakumar will also contribute to development of digital signal processing algorithms and testing of the camera system.

Pavan Kumar: CTO

M.S., Computer Science, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) has  has worked as a Staff Researcher at UCSD, Software Programmer at Apple headquarters, in Cupertino, CA and as a Technical Marketing Engineer at NetApp Inc., in Bangalore, India. He has technical experience in the fields of computer vision, and machine learning, having published works in both areas. Pavan participated as an entrepreneur lead in two I-Corps site programs at UCSD and recently completed the National I-Corps program, hosted by the I-Corps Washington DC node. Pavan is responsible for the technical development, programming for the Cocoon Cam image processing software and data analysis.


  • Zahn Prize by the Moxie Foundation, May 2015.
  • National Science Foundation Innovation Corps Award, April 2015.
  • Most Practical Solution Award at MedHack (28 judges) in San Francisco, September 2014. 


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Business model

We plan to launch our crowdfunding/ PR campaign at the end of Q1 2016! After the crowdfunding campaign we plan to take orders via our website,, and establish partnerships with leading e-commerce platforms including Our advisor Paul will then leverage partnerships with his big box distributors in the baby monitor industry including Babies R Us, Toys R Us, Target and Walmart. We will promote Cocoon Cam using guerrilla and traditional ad placement tactics in mommy blogs and pregnancy websites that will attract moms-to-be an their loved ones.

We are selling Cocoon Cam for $299. There will be a 5 day trial period, after which we will charge a $99 yearly subscription for up to 7 days of data storage. 5% of profit will be donated to the American SIDS Institute. Our long term goal is to transition Cocoon Cam into the healthcare space. There is an opportunity to bridge the communication gap between parents and pediatricians, therefore reducing unnecessary visits to the ER.

Competitive advantage

Popular market products include video baby monitors (Dropcam: $199 +$99 subscription), which don’t indicate baby wellness while sleeping, and wearable tracking monitors (Sproutling: $299), which are perceived dangerous and don’t show you whether your baby is safe. As seen during our customer discovery, parents are willing to pay 25% more for a monitor with our value and features.

Cocoon Cam is the first video baby monitor that helps parents track the safety AND wellness of their baby in a completely non-invasive way!