Best Marketplaces and Businesses to Start in 2015

Aparna Sharma · July 23, 2015 · Short URL:

Start your business online at small investment

Deals based portals are still in great demand but more web based businesses have come up in the market overtime. This video has been created to keep web entrepreneurs updated about the newest and most promising options. Go through it and discover how you can start your business online at small investment.



Want to learn more about products covered in the video? Visit  for additional details.



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FATbit Technologies


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FATbit is spoken as ‘best website design company’ amongst its clients for its vast experience, superior design talent and familiarity with latest development methodologies to make online business more stratgeic and simpler.Fatbit is a professional web design company powered by market best specialists and project manager to provide progressive web solutions.

Besides working on more than 2000+ web projects, we have also developed in-house business solutions like:

1. BIZixx - Web based system that helps IT businesses track project progress.

2. YoKart - Ecommerce system to create online multivendor Store

3. bitFATdeals - Daily deals script to set up deals based websites.

We are known globally for deploying latest web technologies and best development practices to create professional websites.


Aparna Sharma

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