New BeyondCore Product Offers Auto Analytics for Excel

David Howard · April 3, 2015 · Short URL:

One-click automated analytics inside Microsoft Office

This week, BeyondCore, a provider of enterprise automated analytics software, announced Apps for Office, a new product that provides single-click automated analytics within the Microsoft Office environment.

The company says that the product provides detailed story-based explantions of insights integrated directly within Microsoft Office, allowing access to advanced automated analytics with just a click, from within Excel.

"With BeyondCore Apps for Office, advanced analytics couldn't possibly be any easier," said BeyondCore CEO and Founder Arijit Sengupta. "Just as Microsoft has empowered users to do more than they ever thought possible with data processing, word processing and presentation design through Excel, Word and PowerPoint, BeyondCore Apps for Office is adding automated analysis to that list of powerful and user-friendly experiences."

BeyondCore says its software provides statistically sound results, and prevents the user from investing in analyses based on the wrong questions at the outset. The software also guides the user and helps them interpret the graphs correctly to make impactful decisions.

"We're excited to see the BeyondCore Apps for Office. It's a great example of our modern extensibility model and for delivering advanced analytics in Office, helping people to do more with their data by turning it into insights and understanding," said Kirk Koenigsbauer, corporate vice president at Microsoft for the Office 365 Client Apps and Services team.

Apps for Office is currently offered as a free trial through the BeyondCore website.

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