Facebook & Instagram Outage - Technical Flaw or Hack?

Aparna Sharma · January 28, 2015 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/3bb4

Facebook, Instagram Down for an Hour - A Technical Glitch or a Hack?

The social media giant Facebook and Instagram faced an hour-long outage around 06:15 AM (GMT) on January 27, 2015. Social media mobile apps Tinder, AOL Instant Messenger, and HipChat were also down during the social media blackout. While Facebook claims that the shutdown was caused due to ‘a change that affected our configuration system’, hackers have a different story to tell. 


The infamous online group of hackers, the Lizard Squad, took the responsibility behind bringing these websites down, which effectively affected hundreds of millions of users worldwide. However, Facebook has continued to deny later that the outage was caused by a third party cyber-attack.

Earlier, the Lizard Squad also took the responsibility for series cyber-attacks on the Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation online networks during the Christmas. The online group also claimed that it was behind the defacing of the Malaysian Airlines and will soon release the airline’s data publically to proof its deed. 

While the breakdown raised concerns for companies around the world that majorly rely on Facebook and other social media networks for marketing their business, some people took it as an opportunity to share their sense of humor on the still working social network Twitter. And hashtags such as #facebookdown and #SocialMeltdown2015 became instant trend. 

In a time, when the online world is yet to overcome last year’s data breaches of eBay, JP Morgan Chase, Home Depot and many more websites, these cyber-attacks have really turned businesses with online presence alarmed about their website security. So, now more than ever, with cyber-attacks increasing at every level, there is a need to make your website security system robust.

Web developers at FATbit Technologies have always given as much emphasis on the website testing as much on designing and building it. UX of your website plays an important role in boosting your business online – true; but without ensuring users a robust security system you cannot build a well reputed brand.

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