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Homepage is the very first page that visitor normally comes across. Even if one comes through search engine, reaching back for the homepage is also a much celebrated habit.

Hence, it is very important to get everything right on a homepage. Everyone is familiar about its critical nature but still everyone not gets it right. While there are a number of errors that one should stay away from, following are most glaring mistakes that should be avoided at any cost.

Choking Homepage

Best website developers and designers never choke the homepage with unimportant things. They keep plenty of white space to allow the page to breathe. Focus is only on some of the most critical elements. Making a choice about what to show on the homepage can be rather challenging but if one keeps in mind the basic goal, then, answer wouldn’t take long to come. So, focus on only the most important factor. A simple introduction would hurt either.

 Creativity Syndrome

No doubt creative elements on homepage help in grabbing attention of the visitor but trying too hard can backfire. Usability shouldn’t be compromised for the sake of flaunting your creative side. The fact is that people reach a website to fulfill some objective and if creative elements of the website act as a hindrance, then, the whole effort is a defeated one. Be it best website designer in India, US or Europe, everyone will suggest the same.

 Too much Minimalism

Minimalistic websites are a rage nowadays. Everyone seems in a hurry to get rid of the extra stuff to focus user’s attention. However, one has to be a little careful with it in case of homepages. Stripping the homepage from too much can deprive the website of informative elements. Drawing a line in case of minimalism is very critical in case of homepages. However, if you have reached the best website designing company India, then, there is little to worry.

Besides above mentioned points, putting loads of text as introduction on homepage is a serious no-no. Whatever you need to tell, don’t forget to keep it brief.

So, these were some of the homepage mistakes to avoid suggested by FATbit


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