Startup success secrets from a female perspective

Mitos Suson · November 14, 2014 · Short URL:

At Splash Oakland, female founders share their tips for building out their startups

Reena Jadhav joined us as moderator of the panel: "Startup Success Secrets - A Female Perspective" at Vator Splash Oakland. On the panel were Carol Carpenter (Chief Marketing Officer, ClearSlide), Mary Ann Byrnes (C&M Partners), Kristin McDonnell (M33 Partners), Anne Dwane (Chief Business Officer, Chegg) , Meera Kaul (Meera Kaul Foundation, Tech founder, Angel Investor)

Thanks to our Vator Splash Oakland video sponsor, Oakland Forward and Bryan Parker, Oakland Mayoral candidate. 

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Meera Kaul

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Carol Carpenter

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Mary Ann Byrnes

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Reena A Jadhav

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Reena Jadhav is a 4 time entrepreneur (, Conduit, JobFlash, Riiwards), now working on, start-up Advisor, and Investor with Valley incubators. Harvard MBA, Summa Cum Laude Wharton Business School.

Kristin McDonnell

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Former venture-backed CEO, now President of M33 Partners, a growth strategy consulting firm, and serves on Boards of Advisors and as Interim CMO. Focus: SaaS, mobile, social, monetization, location-based services, e-commerce, advertising, and games.