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How do micro VCs (sub-$50M) differentiate their value?

Several hundred have emerged, what do their brands stand for? How do they attract LPs, startups?

Innovation series by Mitos Suson
November 7, 2014
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Alastair Goldfisher of Thomson Reuters joined us as moderator of the panel: "The Explosion of Micro VCs (sub-$50M)". How do they differentiate? They come in all shapes and sizes and while they sometimes co-invest with one another, many have different strategies. Meet some of the micro-VCs and learn about which strategies are working best.

On the panel at Vator Splash Oakland were Marcus Ogawa (Founder & Partner, Quest Venture Partners), Erik Moore (Founder & Partner, Base VC), Jim Schienman (Founder & Partner, Maven), Jason Portnoy (Founder & Partner, Subtraction Capital). Wes Selke, Partner at Better Ventures, emceed the afternoon of investor sessions.

Thanks to our Vator Splash Oakland video sponsor, Oakland Forward and Bryan Parker, Oakland Mayoral candidate.  

Want to learn more about seed-stage investing and how these micro-VCs are navigating the Post Seed stages? Join us at Post Seed, on Dec. 2 at Cowell Pavilion in Fort Mason, San Francisco. 

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