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David Howard · July 16, 2014 · Short URL:

Bright Pattern introduces mobile API to eliminate IVR

Cloud contact center vendor Bright Pattern has introduced a mobile API and a corresponding suite of features under the rubic of Rich Contact Experience that it says eliminate the need for consumers to struggle through complex Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems when calling brands.

The feature suite is aimed at inbound customer care centers looking to leverage the pervasive smartphone. The company says the technology enables brands to dynamically offer preferential treatment for their most loyal, or most valuable, customers.

“We are excited to offer service capabilities to match the modern consumer’s connected experience,” said Konstantin Kishinsky, CEO and co-founder of Bright Pattern. “As consumers, we should no longer have to struggle with Interactive Voice Response systems, or with the DTMF keypad on our smartphones, to talk to the companies we do business with.”

Further, Bright Pattern says that contact centers can adopt the platform to lower costs, particularly on expensive inbound toll-free numbers, as Rich Contact enabled smartphone apps can feed the contact center information before a voice telephone call is made, allowing the contact center to choose the best treatment for the inquiry, like re-routing it to a web page, a chat session, our queuing the inquiry for a callback.

Additional features include a side-band data channel to share data with the contact center while the customer is live on the telephone with an agent, and to send pictures and document images into the contact center while live on the phone.

The company recently demonstrated the technology at Call Center Week, in Las Vegas, one of the biggest annual contact center confabs. Bright Pattern earned an honerable mention in the Call Center Week awards for best new technology provider.

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