Firms Team up On Regulatory Compliance for Lead Gen

David Howard · March 6, 2014 · Short URL:

Bright Pattern and thinkingVoice deploy new cloud-based platform

Bright Pattern, of San Bruno, and thinkingVoice, of Danville, say they have teamed up on the deployment of an integrated, cloud-based, solution that implements a new model for real-time lead qualification and regulatory compliance.

The solution, they say, improves agent yield, delivers better quality leads to end users, and ensures regulatory compliance.

At the heart of the system is the lead database, which is fed by multiple lead vendors, and a dynamic form capability for contact center agent screen pops, which delivers an industry standard form for every call, which unifies the data passed down stream to end-users.

After the leads have been screened and accepted into the database, they are passed to the predictive dialer in Bright Pattern's contact center platform.

DC Culliane, CEO of thinkingVoice, said, "With tightened TCPA rules, marketers and advertisers are looking for transparency to ensure continued compliance, while still being able to swiftly respond to consumer demand for their products or services. We are the answer."

Konstantin Kishinsky, CEO of Bright Pattern, commenting on the integration efforts that tie the two platforms together, said, “thinkingVoice has provided another, perfect, example of how to leverage the APIs in ServicePattern to build a remarkable application that adds tremendous value.”

Scott Evanson of Smart Rhino Labs, a digital marketing agency, explained that, “Working with service providers or call centers who have the ability to ingest customer information in real-time helps both advertisers and marketers to monetize customer inquiries more efficiently. It also helps validate the data that agents dial to ensure they are in compliance with government regulations.

“thinkingVoice has been nothing but professional and responsive as we’ve worked with them in recent years. Having a piece of technology that does validation on purchased records in real-time helps the end user get the best return on their media spend by eliminating records with bad data or rejecting records that don’t meet their standards. Having service providers like thinkingVoice in the industry that push for next level performance and efficiency is refreshing.”

The two companies have prepared a case study which outlines the integrated system in more detail.




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