FireLayers comes out of stealth mode, with YL backing

Startup raises seed round from YL Ventures

Financial trends and news by Kristin Karaoglu
February 18, 2014
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In the old days, big corporations managed a lot of the internal applications that employees would use. In today's cloud-based app world, a lot of applications are being used that may not align with corporate compliance.

To that end, new security services need to be adopted, including one such solution: FireLayers, which just unveiled that it's received funding from YL Ventures. 

The San Francisco-based FireLayers is also coming out of stealth mode as a cloud-based platform to help corporations - big and small - manage the applications that are being adopted by employees that may or may not be sanctioned by the company.

"While applications improve productivity, they can also often expose the organization to risk. Threats to cloud applications and data may include hackers, data sprawl, fraud, malware DLP (data loss and privacy), lack of IT governance, and unauthorized access," said Yair Grindlinger, co-founder of FireLayers, in an interview with us. 

How does FireLayers help organizations? "FireLayers offers proactive, tailored cloud policy," said Grindlinger. "Organizations are seeking a comprehensive, strategic platform that will enable IT to enforce corporate IT, security and compliance policy over cloud applications, while acting in accordance with their organizational culture, business needs and risk tolerance."

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